Gamereactor: Red Dead Redemption review

Jonas Mäki writes: "This is what makes Red Dead Redemption unique. The story and world I'm told is told with great conviction. The world has a life of its own, and everything doesn't revolve around me as in most other games. Sometimes I ride up a hill to look out on the world just to see what it's up to without my involvement. It's not just a giant flat western set, it's the real thing."

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xYLeinen2896d ago

Guess RDR will top metacritics very fast >_>

hamoor2896d ago

i hope its not gta iv all over again

AKS2896d ago

I don't think it will be, but I understand what you mean. Rockstar games seem to make an incredibly positive first impression on reviewers.

However, in defense of GTA IV, much of what I dislike about it could be fixed with a patch that simply reduces the frequency of incredibly irritating calls from Dwyane to go bowling and whatnot. I don't ever want to get a call when I'm on my way to do a mission and see those stupid thumbs down symbols appear because I can't be a dozen places at once. It was massively overhyped, but there was still quite about about the game that was impressive.

shayol33t2896d ago

RDR continues to shine, looks like a serious competitor for the GotY title.

red2tango2896d ago

Barely anyone was looking forward to this game in 2009, now it's being looked at as GOTY contender.

To all the fanatics: I said contender.

xdye0172896d ago

its already 95 on metcritic O.o

waltercross2896d ago

Dang, I want this game bad LOL, I Still play GTA4 for It's openess, so I'll for sure enjoy this!.

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The story is too old to be commented.