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Rockstar has claimed that that Red Dead Redemption is the ultimate sandbox game - and dozens of hours in, we can't help but agree. It's immersive, engrossing and superbly addictive. In fact, this review almost didn't happen at all; we were too busy playing cowboys.

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techie2714d ago

Where's the score? It's 9.5 btw

The_Count2714d ago

Can't wait. Got the limited edition pre ordered.

farrelljade2714d ago

now im very excited!!!

this is the first time ive read an review for this game which states it blows GTA4 away!!

MGRogue20172714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I want to see PS3 footage.. And no I don't mean, Offscreen & crappy quality.

I want direct-feed HD 720p gameplay footage! :)

Vinster2714d ago

I'm definitely picking this up. With so many great reviews and alot of promotional deals for this game, there's really no reason not to buy this game.

BubbleSystemSuck2714d ago

I think this game will be the best Sandbox Game in the History, until Now.

Maybe GTA 5 surpase it again...

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