Red Dead Redemption: Game Of The Year?

NowGamer: It certainly has all the attributes to fit the bill. Categorically so, in fact. Having played it from beginning to end, Red Dead is a thing of beauty, a game afforded the time, the budget and the plain and simple vision that few games get the opportunity to have. But is it Game of the Year? Maybe…

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FangBlade3011d ago

Only 1 day before launch and no reviews.
Something doesn't feel right. I think this game is going to disappoint many.
Just a hunch.

Slimshadyn3011d ago

There are actually many reviews, look harder. From the reviews so far it certainly looks like a GOTY contender.

WildArmed3011d ago

lol it seems the logic is to label a GoTY when it's relevant and forget the past games.

GoW3 and ME2 are still in game.
I bet we will see about 20 of these types of articles this year.
For Halo R and Batman 2 just to name two.