Meristation: Red Dead Redemption Review

Redemption Red Dead Rockstar a brilliant contribution to the world of video games, one more, after Grand Theft Auto IV. Picking a genre like the action in third person, the shooter, were able to expand and take it to the sandbox area codes respecting both formats, resulting in a unique hybrid that is above anything seen to date in this area (Just Cause, Assassin's Creed). Rockstar San Diego can be proud of having achieved its purpose: to recapture the concept of Red Dead Revolver and onto the new generation (it) back to score a point as part of gender. It is, in any way, a masterpiece, but will be remembered, yes, as one of the most anticipated titles of the generation. In the strongest and most beautiful, but is not without fault or elements that set it apart from the consideration of memorable and legendary title.

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shayol33t2928d ago

RDR continues to shine, looks like a serious competitor for the GotY title.

heylo2928d ago

I predict a 92% metascore

KiRBY30002928d ago

winner gets a bubble, m'kay?

BannedForNineYears2928d ago

Can people even get over 3 bubbles? -_-
I predict 95.

AliTheBrit192928d ago


Pre-Ordered today

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