Are You Ready For Alan Wake?

Alan Wake is due to be released on the 18th in the US, if you live in Europe you should already be playing this as it was released last week Friday. In order to prepare for this story driven psychological thriller, you might want to watch the miniseries called Bright link to watch all episodes

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Rampaged Death2955d ago

I'm up to chapter 5 of 6 and the wait has been worth it. One of the best games this year.

prettyboy12955d ago

it was an ight game.not wut i thought it would be but definitely an ight game id give it a 8/10

Jack Klugman2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

What special video rental service do you use that gets games with enough time to finish before the actual game is released?

im thinking you are FOS.

tezzer19852955d ago

Dude I have have had the game since last week Thursday, it came out in Europe last Friday, Americans get it last.. so it is possible he has the game if he is from Europe, its only a 10-12 hour game