RaceDrome Puts Xbox 360 Avatars Behind the Wheel in New Racer

GFB writes: "If you've been waiting to see your big-headed virtual self get behind the wheel of a racer, your time has come! The first indie racing title to put avatars behind the wheel has just been published on Xbox Live Marketplace, and is available for the purchase price of 80 Microsoft Points."

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0LDSCH00L3014d ago

Yeah it more than likely is, but who really cares other than irrational fanboys. These companies rip each other off all the time. Look how insanely popular RDR is right now, wait about 6 months and everyone's going to be ripping that off one way or another.

avengers19783013d ago

Agreed, you are right sir, there will probably be a Gun 2 released. Some other western style games as well.