Another Clue for Next Criterion Game

RespawnAction: " It has been rumored for a bit that Criterion would be working on the next SSX snowboarding game. Maybe this could spell it out for us?"

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CoffeewithChess2861d ago

I enjoyed the older SSX games, I hope they revive the series; but not every year like the Madden series.

Inside_out2861d ago

EA is killing those guys....Black was a great game deserving of some next gen love....luckily, Bodycount is coming in 2011, made by the lead director of Black....expect big things....

NateNater2861d ago

A new SSX would be great!

In the tweet, what does the "Y" stand for? Anyone know or got any guesses?

respawnaction2861d ago

That is a good question, and it has been said they are working on two games, and tweet mentions the Y as if it is on a current game we've known about. Maybe something for the new Need for Speed? Aren't they doing that this year?

CoffeewithChess2861d ago

is the only game of the series I can think of right now, that has a "Y" in its title.

Jdoki2861d ago

The tweet definitely implied two different games. Assuming the X is for an SSX game (which would be awesome), I think Y is probably referring to Need for Speed.

It would be nice if they had a third title in production; but I don't think Criterion are big enough for that to be true.

thematrix12982861d ago

I want another Burnout....that game was fly!

willie322861d ago

another Burnout too. At the moment, I would prefer a new SSX game. I am hoping it uses SSX 3 as its motivation. The only way I would take a new Burnout over SSX, Burnout would need to get rid of the opern world envirnonment. I miss the straight forward tracks that focused on racing.

Gen0ne2861d ago

I thought I was the only one.

TheOrion2861d ago

If they make another SSX (which would be good), I honestly hope that they don't adopt SS3 as a baseline, I much preferred the first game and tricky to the third installment.