Images of the Call of Duty that never was

GamesRadar: A game environment artist has posted images of an unreleased PS3/Xbox 360 Call of Duty game to his blog. Or at least that's what he claims they are: and if working in games has taught has one thing, it's 'don't always believe everything you read on the Internet'. Check out the images below.

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kaveti66162808d ago

Judging by the visuals, I believe the game was at a pre-Alpha stage.

DeFFeR2807d ago

On the top of the last picture you can see that it says "Call of Duty 3"

So it was either a very early build of 3, or they were making an expansion to 3.

It could also be that they were using the CoD3 engine on the new game.

Eh, doesn't matter, it's not coming out.

twostep182808d ago

tryin to sound smart. ha srry had to say it. i would have played it in that stage as long as the fun factor was still there =]

HarryM2808d ago

.. is this SAME story going to be posted on N4G?

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