Heavy Rain outsells Xbox 360 rivals in 2010

Heavy Rain's turned out to be a significant win for Sony in Europe this year, achieving a chart position that's bested every Xbox 360 release in 2010 so far.

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HighDefinition2836d ago

You guys want to get a better understanding on why fans turn to FANATICS.

Look no further.

Asides from the fact HR is in a genre of it own.

techie2836d ago

All Xbox 360 games, bar none.

ChrisW2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Heavy Rain is an awesome game. I'm not surprised that it is doing so well!

booni32836d ago

is indeed a title i consider worthy of its success.

*rolls eyes at big at big name shooter franchise*

Im very happy for quantic, this may put them in the position for a sequel (oh goody!) to often new, avante garde, titles deserving success get known and that is a crippling blow to the largely creativ game industry. to understand what i mean, check out these:

Only 5 games released this year have hit 90 or above and all of them except one has sold particularly well. I've defended that particular game at other times, but those are GOTY contenders! Yes, even bayonetta, another slept on gem.

ryuzu2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Out of the top 10, 8 are exclusives to their respective platforms and the 2 3rd party games are PS3 versions of multi-plats.

The first 360 "exclusive" is ME2 at 15 (but that's not really 360 exclusive as we know).

The first 100% 360 exclusive is Forza all the way down at 27....

So, has MS done the right thing to kill it's exclusive studios since exclusives don't sell on 360? Or is it that MS has no exclusives to sell so they're not selling?

Well maybe AW and H:R will change this picture - but really, without Bungie in future what happens from here?


AKS2835d ago

Remember all those N4G articles about the PS3 needing to be "saved" because it wasn't going to get adequate third party support it needed to survive? I wonder what those authors think of their predictions now?

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HighDefinition2836d ago

Good for HR, and the genre itself it`s shaping.

Christopher2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Yeah, I'm kinda confused about the rivals part. Only game I've seen it compared to was Alan Wake, and that doesn't work either. I applaud Heavy Rain sales, but how about we stop comparing games when a PS3 or 360 game outsells another one?

Strange_Evil2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Heavy Rain is awesome. I thought the game won't even break a million in sales, but it's selling surprisingly well. Good for Son, Heavy Rain and GOW3 are raking in a lot of $ for Sony.

techie2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I believe it's in reference to PS3 rivals. Ie. Heavy Rain outsold all Xbox 360 games. Shame I read a HR spoiler before I played the game on N4G =,( Completely spoiled it for me.

Jdoki2836d ago

Bad luck on the spoiler deep.

I tend to stay away from N4G every time there's a big game release. Seen too many idiots giving away endings and stuff on this site.

Ju2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

So what ? PS3 has 4 titles in top 10, 360 none! (That includes, to my surprise, MW2).

Europe is going the way of Japan for M$...LOL.

booni32836d ago

while what you say is true, note that FFXIII and MW2 r also availble on 360. For now, a safe assumption would be that there r more ps3s in european homes than there are xboxes.

McValdemar2836d ago

Sony fanboys aren't even able to read charts.

Probably this is the reason why 360 is yet 4.5 millions of consoles ahead and the generations is going to end :)

MW2 is low on the chart because have been released in 2009 and the chart only reports the sales during 2010.

Without numbers, and LTD numbers, that chart means very little.
Just to let trolls have fun.

Doc Sony2836d ago

No McValdemar, the reason the 360 is 4.5 million units ahead is because it released a year earlier (year and a half in Europe) than the PS3.

And this generation is just beginning. Or haven't you heard, MicroSoft is trying to bring the 360 back from purgatory with Natal.

KingME2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

This line of crap (the article and your comment) is so typical. Everything said has some sort of * connected to it.

PS3 games sold in 2010, on a Friday, when it was raining, and all local hookers have had at least one lay.

Headstart this, headstart that, this headstart excuse is a win win for you guys. If the PS3 passes the 360, you brag about the 360 having a headstart, if the PS3 don't pass the 360, you use the 360 had a headstart for as an excuse. GROW UP!

This kind of garbage (This article) is put out there for guys like you to take an run with. Sony fanboys are always talking about how they don't count sells and the minute they get an increase in sells all you hear is a bunch of hypocritical BS spewing from their mouths.

These things are what annoys me so much will all fanboys. When will there ever be a mature place to read news and game reviews. I afraid the answer is NEVER.

Whatever floats your boat dude, whatever floats your boat.

DigitalRaptor2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

You have to wonder why people use the head-start as an excuse either way.

Why do PS3 fanboys use it as an excuse when PS3 doesn't overtake 360? Because they are defending the criticism which came from the 360 fanboy in the first place. Can you blame the PS3 guy for justifying his argument?

Same with if the PS3 overtakes the 360. Why would the PS3 guy brag about it? Because the 360 fanboys bragged for years about 360 selling more. It's a taste of their own medicine, nothing wrong with that. Just truth that the proof is in the pudding.

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JsonHenry2836d ago

I am extremely happy that Sony has been catching up in sales and attach rates with the 360. Not because I am a Sony fan (far from it actually) but because I want the competition so stiff and neck to neck that both companies have to break out the big guns to try and get ahead.

In the end we would all win. Competition breeds excellence.

booni32836d ago

is a game i consider deserving of its success. When huge risks are taken for the sake of gameplay innovation, commercially terrible things can happen.(the excellent Mirrors Edge come to mind...) but in this case, it has payed off and i couldnt be happier for quantic dream. maybe this will put them in the position for a sequel (oh goody)
oh and if you havent yet, go buy bayonetta. its one of only 5 games released this year to garner a metacritic score of 90 or higher, and metacritic doesn't lie:

Your missing out.

edhe2836d ago

I like to play my games, not mash my controller in an attempt to try to.

DigitalRaptor2835d ago

your ignorance disappoints me...

avengers19782836d ago

So much for it not being a game, and it failing hard.
Bots said so mcuh bad about Heavy Rain, and they'll be lucky if any 360 game besides Halo:Reach out sells it this year.

bobdog6262836d ago

Thats my Bet.Let's see what happen's ok

AAACE52836d ago

For a game that originally started out as a tech demo, they have really produced a game that gets peoples attention.

Good job!

edgeofblade2836d ago

This is great news. I loved Fahrenheit and it's great to see this game do so well, despite being in an unusual genre.

Of course, this article could have done without the fanboyish twist...

JokesOnYou2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Where everyone always says 360 doesn't sell yet this very chart shows it has 8 games in the top 30 which is 1 less than sony in Europe. Also I wish it showed sales figures because judging by total sales announced (ME2 1.7mil/HR 1+mil) there's probably not much of a gap between these sales position when you figure ME2 at #16 on this European Chart still has outsold Heavy Rain at #10 in worldwide figures when you include the US NPD #'s of course. Actually although vg chartz isn't 100% when you look at all the data, their numbers for both seem to be pretty accurate:

It's surprising to see games like MW2 and BBC2 outsold by HR, which leads me to believe this Euro sales chart isn't talking about a huge amount of software sales because we know both those titles how far outsold HR individually on either console, especially the 360.

Either way its early in the year so I expect by the end of 2010 the total sales position for Heavy Rain will be very different, compared to titles like Forza 3, SC: Conviction, and ODST which are all continuing to chart while surpassing Heavy Rain which has dropped significantly in Euro' biggest territory the UK where Heavy Rain didn't even make the chart. I'm surprised those same titles outsold GoW3 sony's biggest hitter of 2010 in the UK's latest chart, and I'm also happy to see the newcomer Alan Wake at the top spot, I'll be picking up my copy tommorrow.


sikbeta2836d ago

Congrats to Sony & QD for making a Great Game

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techie2836d ago

Different story in the US, naturally. But outselling even Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 in Europe - Wow.

HighDefinition2836d ago

Outselling MW2, it a amazing feat for a game w/ no guns.

Ju2836d ago

They even outsold MW2 w/ guns (MW2 PS3 vs. 360)

McValdemar2836d ago

These are the sales JUST for the 15 weeks of 2010.
MW2 have been released in 2009 so this chart missess all the main part of sales.

NeoBasch2836d ago

but Heavy Rain does have guns, and even explosions. >_>

*pew* *pew* *laser beam*

No wonder Cliffy likes this game so much. :D

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bjornbear2836d ago

I LAUGH IN THE FACE of those who doubted this game


great game =)

Consoldtobots2836d ago

limited vision or allegiance to MS money, take your pic as there is little difference between the two.

Rowsdower2836d ago

is an amazing game. I am always glad to see quality equal sales, in a perfect world it would always be that way.

iceman062835d ago

Your comments are often right on time and concise! Bubs UP!!!

Lucreto2836d ago

Wow they listing is completly different to what I was expecting.

My list it PS3:360 for chart positions

Final Fantasy XIII 4:18
Modern Warfare 2 6:15
Fifa 2010 14:23
Battlefield 2 13:12
Assassins Creed 2 26:n/a

I am surprised with Modern Warfare 2 being so high on the PS3 and the stunning position of FF XIII compared to Mass Effect 2. I expected it to be the other way around.

NeoBasch2836d ago

Well, it's not that surprising. FFXIII is extremely underrated and ME2 a tad overrated. Both are amazing games though, and I'm glad gamers are still picking them up.

raztad2836d ago

I was not expecting ME2 to do good considering it sold 1.6 m or something WW on both XBOX and PC, however I'm quite surprised to see how MW2 bested GoW3.

Glad Heavy Rain is selling so well.

BTW, those charts reflect the xbox userbase is lagging behind PS3's in EU.