New Crysis 2 Scans

Amazing new Crysis 2 scans that shows the power of Cryengine 3. Hit the link for scans...

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Rucury2959d ago

Nobody cares!! Red Dead Redemption rules!

In all seriousness, Crysis 2 looks pretty.

MNicholas2959d ago

what all the fuss is about?

Are the textures impressive? Lighting? Geometry? Anything? Just how much can be discerned from blurry scans of a magazine anyway?

Looking forward to some detailed explanations about how this is "breath-taking" or "mind-blowing" in any way.

booni32959d ago

So these are the supposed best console graphics ever huh?

Kingdom Come2959d ago

Wait, so your saying that if that is an ingame screenshot, you wouldnt consider it the best console graphics, well what would y...oh wait, is there any point in me asking?

Kingdom Come2959d ago

Color my mind blown, if that be in-game, that be breathtaking.

Hazmat132959d ago

i still hope crysis2 will have a map editior for ps3 and 360.

iamgoatman2959d ago

I highly doubt it will. The Sandbox 2 editor that came with the original Crysis required a LOT of RAM, something the consoles lack.

But if they do, it will likely be rather basic, possibly similar to Far Cry 2's editor.

Hazmat132959d ago

you again!lol besides i dont care if it looks like FarCry2 editor i want a map editor!!!

Pandamobile2958d ago

There won't be a map editor.

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The story is too old to be commented.