ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Kevin Butler…’Nuff said

"This week the Spotlight hits the one and only Kevin Butler. You know a lot of things about our VP of …well…. EVERYTHING, but did you know he had an artsy side? It was news to everyone in the office too. (And all that time I thought he was taking notes.) Watch as Kevin get himself “Modified”, see his particular approach to Track Creation, and wait to see a showdown of EPIC proportions at the end. It’s the stuff of legend."

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jidery2841d ago

KB vs Jack, i laughed so hard at that! Glad to see the playstation guys have fun with making these things.

Another great trailer for another great console!

Also was the end a hint at GT5 being released this year?

HighDefinition2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Finding your Muse. Interesting.

On a lighter note: Sony struck gold finding this guy.

Lucreto2841d ago

Finding gold is an understatement.

Sony's marketing team hiring him was the best thing they have done.

HighDefinition2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Found Platnium and Ice?


I agree

inveni02841d ago

I lol'd at "Let's not make this weird, Jack."

Wrathman2841d ago Show
lovestospoodge2840d ago

will ferris? you mean ferrell? i agree that this guy does give the impression of will ferrell's anchorman but what you are saying is just pure stupidity, where as what I'm saying is full of victory and babe magnetry

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waltercross2841d ago

Yup he hinted at GT5 at the end of the trailer :)

Strange_Evil2841d ago

Something that rhymes with Man Fourismo Jive... I wonder what that might be lol.

And_Boy2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

MAN FOURISMO JIVE :) see it coming

SuperStrokey11232840d ago

SOmeone needs to make a course and name it that lol for MNR

Christopher2841d ago

Best one yet. Getting Jack in there was priceless.

"You know this is going on your next performance review?"

captain-obvious2840d ago

that ad was EPIC
funny with info
thats how its done

sinncross2840d ago


i could not stop laughing throughout the entire video.

sikbeta2840d ago

OMG!!! That was So Awesome

JT + KB FTW!!! lol

Eddie201012840d ago

lol,lol,lol, that was great lol.

Bob-Dole2840d ago

"Half man, half horse, half motorcycle. All awesome."

"It's all about finding your muse. My muse talks to me all the time. She whispers encouraging words in my ear like synergy, ideation, ham sandwich."


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kenpachi2841d ago

too much hair gel says What

Sonny302841d ago

LOL, I loved that line...

Brewski0072841d ago

Yeah so i laughed at that. Kevin butler = genius campaign!.

Faztkiller2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Can't wait till the 25th

xYLeinen2841d ago

That video was just hilarious >_>