Analysis: What Happened To April Software?

More than $100 million of April's NPD losses are down to software sales declines, says Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews, and as part of his monthly in-depth NPD analysis, he explores possible reasons -- from Easter to used games and more.

Gamasutra: According to our estimates, more than $100 million of the loss in April's figures is down to losses in software sales, split about equally between consoles and portables. Several explanations have been put forward to explain this, and it's worth looking at each in detail.

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dkgshiz2838d ago

Barely anything good came out in April.

N4g_null2838d ago

Wow if only n4g could have a debate like what's going on at gamasutra.

Read a few of them and consider 140 ps2 where sold to people who bought an avg 2 onconsoles. On top of this hardly any games reached 10 million copies on the ps2 with 2x the gamers who buy more games right.

The reason why the xbox still has the lead on ps3 is rrod yet the reason for the ps2 success is the same rebuying of a system.

Patcher claims the wii sale will decline more lol. New system color and more nintendo 1st party games says other wise. It seems patcher is only hoping this happens. It's funny that 200,000 is seen as a decline when the xbox and ps3 dip down to the 30ks some times.

And even when game system sales are well game sales are
not following which suggest rebuys are happening or people are
using thees systems for some thing else.

It really is sad people let these guys influence studios and fanboys.

The hd death Neal is coming, where hd sales will mostly be only in games. Much like other systems that failed to keep people playing and also making new gamers.

Nintendo suffered from this with the gc bad.