EA Wants To "Open Up" Medal of Honor

EA has said it may “open up” the Medal of Honor franchise in future titles.

Speaking at the EA spring showcase last week, EA's Greg Goodrich responded to questions about the future of the franchise by stating later MoH games may shift the focus away from American forces.

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Dorjan2715d ago

ah so MoH: Rainbow Six soon eh?

BeaArthur2715d ago

They would have to have a serious graphics downgrade to be Rainbow Six.

hamoor2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

"may shift the focus away from American forces"
thanks god something fresh and new
what about medal of honor: middle ages wars :)

Fyzzu2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Spetsnaz please. Please, please, please. Tell me it wouldn't be worth it just for the Behind The Scenes videos.

AndyA2715d ago

Man, I'd love to see Spetsnaz in a MoH game, they're pretty badass.

Djorgo2715d ago

Hehe, seeing more RTS and simworlds based on MoH :)

Maticus2715d ago

I'd look forward to anything from this franchise, it's been amazing so far.

tdogchristy902715d ago

I've always enjoyed MoH, being a history person I think it would be cool to see other historical things that are unamerican. Given the current world climate something based around Isrial Spec ops or their situations with Iran or Syria would be kind of neat.

the-show-stopper2714d ago

itd be fun to play as the Polish GROM
they are probably the most underated special forces outfit out there

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