StarCraft II Collector’s Edition is Selling Out?

StarCraft: IncGamers has had reports of several major retailers of StarCraft II is no longer listing Collector's Edition boxes for sale. The only explanation could reasonably be that they are already selling out. Two months in advance, and just little over a month after announcement.

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Dorjan2868d ago

well they are meant for collectors, so the rarer the better!

Cogo2868d ago

Indeed, ouch! But so worth it.

Djorgo2868d ago

If I had the money, yes :(

Fyzzu2868d ago

As collector's editions go that's honestly not that bad. I'd pay that, if I really wanted it.

Terrice2868d ago

Indeed, when compared to some of the other collector packs out here the price here is pretty good. It also comes with a lot of neat stuff.

tdrules2867d ago

pretty good value compared to most Collector's Edition *cough* MW2.

You get the first Starcraft and Brood War with it!

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Terrice2868d ago

Whoa, I was hoping to pick one up closer to the release date.

Maybe I should pre-order now...

Cogo2868d ago

That does not wound like a bad idea at all!

Bandreus2868d ago

I should run preorder my copy too :\

Recka2868d ago

Not suprised, our EB has already sold out T_T

Eoweniel2868d ago

Figured the SC-nerds would jump straight to this. :D
S'all good.

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The story is too old to be commented.