Premium PSN plans for E3 reveal, to cost “less than £50 per year”

VG247 has learnt that Sony is to reveal plans for PSN’s premium services at E3.

According to a highly-placed source, Sony will announce a large-scale monetizing scheme for PSN at the LA show, but we’re assured nothing planned will impact the service’s current free aspects.

A string of features will be revealed, apparently costing “less than £50 per year”.

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coolcut1352650d ago

thats kinda expensive.. hopefully will have some briliant features n not charge for what we already have

THC CELL2650d ago

let sony do the talking not a website

gaffyh2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Personally, that service actually sounds pretty good. Getting a free PSN game on top of all the other features, and allowing normal users to play online and not forcing them to pay-to-play is a great idea. I actually feel like paying for the service (although £50 is a little too much), which I don't feel like paying for with XBL because it is simply to pay for online gameplay. Something which is free on every other console and PC.

The_Count2650d ago

I wouldn't mind paying that. For me that is the price of a game or a music concert. I look forward to seeing the features offered

Comet2650d ago

Stop asking mommy for some money and get a job...

HolyOrangeCows2650d ago

So long as the current features stay free (As Sony already promised that they would), fine.

But I don't trust these sites with their little "insider sources"

Trey_4_life2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

With the free PSN we have being on par with xbox live then this will push the PSN into a league of it's own, Live and steam need to play catchup.

oohWii2650d ago

You hypocrites...(clears throat)..oh sorry I meant you "guys" crack me up. Now it's okay to pay for online service. Let me put it this way, for those of you that buy this service, you may as well be paying for online gaming service because you will be paying 50+ dollars per year for whatever it is.

Yeah I know, they will give you a choice of 3-4 games per month, some of which you'll want and some of which you will not want. Here's an idea, how about keeping it free and I'll buy a PSN game when I want to. That way I can choose from everything instead of the 3 that they give me to choose from.

@THC CELL (And the 64 that agreed with him)- "let sony do the talking not a website"

Really, did you really say that? Okay, what about all the negative stuff said about the wii and the 360 from other websites, never heard you say "let the talking come from nintendo or microsoft and not a website."

How, the irony of it all.

@Trey_4_life - "With the free PSN we have being on par with xbox live then this will push the PSN into a league of it's own, Live and steam need to play catchup."

How many times do people need to explain to you the PSN in it's current state IS NOT on par with XBL. But you continue to tell yourself that if it makes you feel better.

haha, so funny.

iceman062650d ago

First off...I am NOT one of the so-called hypocrites! I could care less what other people do with their money. However, to try to say that this is a service JUST "to play online games" is simply incorrect. You DON'T have to pay for this to play online. In fact, the current structure of PSN will remain free. This is a PREMIUM service which people will decide FOR THEMSELVES whether it is worth the expenditure or not. If Sony offers a free PSN game monthly, whether it be a mini or full priced, it will MORE than pay for the service! It's called value. Each of us are old enough to decide for ourselves whether this value is worth the price of admission.
Either way, online gaming and the PSN in it's current form will remain free...It's a win/win for PS3 for MORE...get what you have for free! What's the real issue here!?!?

playnation2650d ago

"PSN in it's current state IS NOT on par with XBL."

... keep telling that to urself =)

KingME2649d ago

Spin it however you want, fanboy or no fanboy oohwii has a valid point to some extent, a point that you didn't even try to understand (traits of the fanboy that you claim not to be.)

His point about those that pay for the premium service may as well be paying to play has some validity. You're getting the premium service just as you do with XBL, and you are getting to play online for that price just like XBL. Just as you can opt to not buy the premium service an xbox user can op not to pay for xbl live.

You get to play online on PSN for free, XBL includes playing online as part of their premium service. Whatever Sony is adding to their premium service is what you'll be paying for and no one is knocking you for that.

Perhaps the xbox owner that doesn't pay for gold is fine with not playing online. If he decides that he wants to play online and pays for XBL gold, he's not just getting online gaming, he's also getting a lot of other features that XBL gold provides. Just like you chose to get the PSN premium service for whatever reason, he chose to pay for XBL for his reasons, yet you hate on him for his reasons, but expect him to him to accept your reasoning (see the problem here)as if somehow your reasons or more valid (only in your mind).

Before Sony said they may have a pay service almost all PS3 only owners proclaimed that they would NEVER pay for an online gaming "SERVICE" now some of you are starting for fudge the line a bit.

I'm just call it the way I see it. I think that anything that a person feels is worth their money they should be able to buy without having to hear a bunch of fanboys trying to downplay their purchase which is exactly the stupid frame of thought of this IGNORANT console war.

Do what you need to do, if you do it quietly no one has a problem with you, but it you pay for yours and then flame me for paying for mine, then you nothing more that an ignorant hypocrit.

iceman062649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Obviously, in your haste to label me as a fanboy (check my history...if still available...I am FAR from that) you failed to understand my overriding point. Simply stated...I won't be forced to pay ANYTHING to play online. Simple as that. However, if I choose to partake in the free monthly PSN games, and whatever else Sony deems fair to offer, then I can pay. SPIN!?!? Where? I just highlighted the argument of VALUE. I never said that his argument was totally invalid...I simply think that there is a difference between paying to play online vs. paying for extra features. (Especially saying as though the online arena is becoming so popular and most gamers at least want to try their games online)
As for hating on him...I didn't....wouldn't...f or what? I don't care what console he owns, you own, or anyone else owns. I just want to play what I want to play. Perception isn't always reality, if I came off as hating (which I don't feel that I did) was not the intention.
As I said before, we are all entitled to make our own minds up as to which console, service, etc. makes us happy. At the end of the day, what you decide is totally on you.

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Ju2650d ago

That article said this pretty clearly. It won't "gimp" any of the current services.

This "rumor" says, you'd get e.g. 1 PSN free a month, some premium new services, like streaming audio (while gaming ?) etc. So, basically it's a "premium service".

The free PSN game could already make me consider this. I usually buy more games a year than $50 or so.

WhittO2650d ago

Just read that, I'm actually happy with this, everything they will be charging for makes sense.

I was only angry at them if they excluded services (like cross-game chat), when really it is a feature in the FW, so it would be locking us out of features that are already there - no longer seems to be the case :D

Plus, could that streaming music service be a way to get around the in-game music instead of from the XMB (which could mean it really was patented by MS?).

Steve_02650d ago

its 50 pounds, not dollars. Thats roughly $100. I really doubt that'll cost as much as that, or that anything in this rumor is true. wait for word from Sony, my guess is they'll start to weed out high cost features of the current free psn over time whilst adding new content for the premium. That way they encourage people to upgrade, yet can still advertise free online gaming. Expect things like Qore, Beta access, and perhaps some subscription based content ala free psn games, Home stuff, and maybe movies/music, if they can get the licensing. And maybe better networking features like x game chat. Personally, since I only use PSN for demo's and the rare online game, its a no buy for me atm.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2650d ago

£50 is around $70. And even so, XBL is £50 in the UK and $50 in America, so Sony will probably do the same kind of thing with PSN Premium.

Marquis_de_Sade2650d ago

The RRP of Live is actually £39.99 in the UK, although many people purchase codes form online sites for between £25 and £30.

caffman2650d ago

its available for £26 if you know where to look, and in the shops its £34

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2650d ago

My bad, haven't had an xbox for ages. Whats the RRP in dollars?

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Fanb0y2650d ago

This PSN subscription service will NOT be making a lot of money if Sony is keeping every feature they currently have free.

BleuStreeks2650d ago

I believe that the potential features that are provided with the premium service is perfect for 50 bucks a year...and I will sooo be paying for that. Even if some of the cheap gamers don't want to pay for it they can still play online for free.

Anarki2650d ago

They will still be making more than what they're making now. Better than nothing. Besides, I bet people would fork out for extra stuff...

WhittO2650d ago

I would pay £50 to be able to download like any 2 PSN games per month for a year, or a subscription to content, guaranteed betas etc.

I am not going to pay for online services that should be free if they don't take up any more resources than what we have (like if they needed extra servers for cross-game chat or something.

Atleast in every "leak" of this Sony has kept online gaming free, which in the end, is ALL that matters haha.

stevenhiggster2650d ago

I agree with you whitto, I'll pay if it's worth it and we get some unique features.

Wrathman2650d ago

id like to think it will be less than £50 per year.xbl is £35 at its most expensive.

siyrobbo2650d ago

no, xbox live is its most expensive if you take the monthly option, £5 per month, makes it £60 per year if you do it that way

Silentmerc3nary2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

True, but you're [in general] an idiot if you do it that way.

Steve_02650d ago

But more than £49 yeah?


''thats kinda expensive.''

Agree, but....Did you at least watch the Services and Features for Premium? Those are awesome features and services.

sikbeta2650d ago

So, you can Choose to Pay and have more Options and Features or Just Playing on-line, Great Idea IMO, as long as Playing on-line is Free, Hope Sony Charge For Cross Game Chat and see IF kids keep complaining

DarkSpawnClone2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

50.00 EUR = 63.8677 CAD
50.00 EUR = 61.6494 USD

thats on the pricey side i better be getting a lot for this if i do get it,but i was hoping for it to be 20-40$,hmm well I'm sure we will learn more at E3.At least we wont have to pay play and the features we have now will stay free.

morganfell2650d ago

It seems coolcut didn't read the article, not even the summary posted above.

gapecanpie2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

Looks like I m