PSP2: Touch-screen, two cameras, games for “end 2010, beginning 2011″

VG247: If you thought a hint that PSP2 may make an appearance at E3 was exciting, get a load of this.

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saint_john_paul_ii2983d ago

LMAO no wai. 4 CORES??? 0_o. how about an extra analog stick and a web browser that works. i know that its primarly a gaming machine first, but i want web browsing on the go properly.

darkmurder2983d ago

Yeah I'm sure you can get 4 cores...? That would chew through the battery like a mofo. If this was real this product would be priced ridiculously high considering the stuff that's in it.

NOOBKILLA2983d ago

Well it is Sony, so the PSP 2 hardware is most likely going to be out of this world. The key is the price point for the thing. In my opinion, it has to be about $199 or less for people to think about jumping on it day one. I hope the price isn't close to the cost of a PS3 ($299) or it will fail to make the numbers.

WhittO2983d ago

Well they could 'under-clock' it taking less power/heat etc.

Isnt that what apple does with the iPhone ?

Im looking forward to PSP2, I skipped the PSP because I thought the games were of low quality but would buy the second 1 with better graphics/more integrated PSN etc.

SuperM2983d ago

Bullshit. There are always people that will buy it on launch nomather how high its priced. But if you want it to sell alot over a long period of time then you will have to lower the price. However i find it highly unlikely that they will price it as low as 199$. Do you expect apple's next iphone to launch at 199$ perhaps? Surely PSP2 will cost just as much to produce as Iphone4G

NOOBKILLA2983d ago

I agree with you, people will buy it regardless no matter the price point. People bought the PSP Go and it was $250 bucks. Did it make it in the long-term? Nope, that crap failed!! I mean hell I am going to buy the PSP2 regardless because I'm a whore and I get all new systems. =) But the average consumer is going to look at it like why should I buy a PSP2 for let’s say $249 when I can add $50 and by a PS3. Also, let’s say the price of the PS3 drops $20 to $50 before the PSP2 comes out. The PS3 could possibly be around $249 - $279 by the time the PSP2 hits. I just think Sony has to think of the long-term and know that the 3DS won't be over $199.

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HighDefinition2983d ago

Two analog sticks or it`ll will most likely be a no go for me.

360RRODFIX2983d ago

agree, if after all cries and rant from fans and media, they still ignore and put one stick, then f them.
BTW this description sounds unrealistic. Especially no disk part. After how big flop PSP go was

Parapraxis2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I couldn't imagine them NOT having 2 analog sticks.
The PSP was their first foray into the handheld market (pspgo is merely a redesign)
People have been asking for dual-analog for years now, it'd be bad business not to improve the controls.

Also, if those features were legit the PSP2 would be EPIC.
Throw in BC with all the downloadable PSP games and you have a winner off the get-go

SuperM2983d ago

Iphone pretty much proves you dont need a physical disk drive to be a success. Id go as far as to call Sony stupid if they added one. It would only take up space and battery time. I dont know if you even could call PSP Go a flop but the reason it lags behind the original PSP in sales is because its higher priced and because not all PSP games are availible on PSN yet. With the PSP2 all games will be availible on PSN and will be cheaper then if you were to buy them in a store. Its gonna yield more profit for publishers and less cost for gamers.

Ju2983d ago

It would just be a "microCell". 4 cores could be a MIPS PPU (or a PPC - mips uses less power) and 3 SPUs. SPUs use low power. For a handheld, no GPU would be needed in that case. Or just an additional texture unit. But that would mean complete Sony inhouse. No Tegra or ARM or anything...interesting.

kharma452983d ago

A PSP with a Cell chip with 4 SPE’s? (note SPE’s, not actual cores. PS3 has 7 SPE’s)

The battery life would be horrible were they to do that, plus how would you cool the bloody chip in it?

randomwiz2983d ago

its not going to be the same chip with less cores... its going to be a mini mobile version of it in a smaller, more efficient design.

In my opinion, I'd rather just see a powerful single core processor with an apple app store type process... that way, we can see MANY more games, and I as a regular person can develop for it. But if they're not going to open up their developer market like that, I don't care what they put in it, as long as its cool.

kneon2983d ago

That's right, it would be a low power version, running at a lower frequency and using the latest (smallest) fab process. This makes sense in that developers would have an easier time porting PS3 games.

kharma452983d ago

Yeah suppose they could do a CULV version or something, though I'd be highly sceptical of it being the Cell or a variant of it.

It could always be a Snapdragon chip in the new PSP

Ju2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

SPUs totally make sense. Sony owns the design, it's low power and it can replace the GPU. Over all, this could be less power / cooler than the current PSP - and much more powerful. I doubt, though, they'll use a PowerPC PPU core. Either they stick with a MIPS or replace it with an ARM core.

Sony's own PhyreEngine runs on the PSP already, it would be easy to port it to such a PSP2. Tool chain could even merge with PS3. Mobile PS3 games (kind of dual binary) or like Minis running on the PS3. Yeah, that would be cool (960x540 res on PS3 would be good enough, LOL).

saint_john_paul_ii2983d ago

the bigger problem is how much is the thing going to cost. hopefully they have learned their lesson when it comes to pricing based on what happened with the PSP and the PSPgo.

mrv3212983d ago

Isn't the big battery eater hard drive or disk drives? If it moves to SSD then the battery life could be increased or even just a flash drive.

Sony announces a nuclear battery for the PSP2 :P

Briefcase Joe2983d ago

I'm thinking about avoiding game sites 'til E3. I'd like some surprises, and there will be hardly any next month.

Squall50052983d ago

PLEASE!!! No more effing cameras. We don't need to add cameras to every device we own. I'll use my camera as a camera thanks. I think I must own about 6 devices now with unwanted and unused crappy cameras.

saint_john_paul_ii2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

with cameras in place natively from the get go, you now have games that would take advantage of it. why wouldnt you not want it? not to mention they are cheap to add as well.

edit: yes they do. with the right imagination, anything is possible.

Stealth20k2983d ago

Cameras add nothing to games period

Stealth20k2983d ago

That sounds so fake. Without a physical medium, the system has already lost to the 3ds..... that is if it was true

sinncross2983d ago

This does sound fake.
Personally I think the PSP2 should simply just be a stronger PSP with:
- 2 analog nubs.
- 4 shoulder buttons
- basic rumble
- Sixaxis tech

This way your PSP2 could function as a PS3 controller which could be very nice!

and i think it will include physical media... the PSP GO has proved to Sony that only digital releases at this point is not entirely feasible for their core market.

willie62892983d ago

"That sounds so fake. Without a physical medium, the system has already lost to the 3ds..... that is if it was true"

Yeah, no device has ever been successful without physical medium. oh, except for that little iphone thing. but it never really took off.

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