Dreamcatcher Interactive and GFB Start Sherlock Holmes Game Giveaway

As part of the promotion to lead up to Dreamcatcher Interactive's trip to London for Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack the Ripper, the publisher has teamed up with GoFanboy to give away ten copies of the game for Microsoft's Xbox 360. Dreamcatcher's game giveaway starts today, with the trip to London being awarded on May 27th.

*note: The publisher Dreamcatcher Games is providing the prizes, not the website.

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vgchica2960d ago

I already bought it, but there's always Craigslist, lol.

vgn242960d ago

I kind of understand if you already own the game, but shouldn't you let people who don't have it try to win it?

charlescox42960d ago

Is it worth opening or better just to sell it if you win it? What's the London trip?

BeaRye2960d ago

[email protected] "Roseanne never did quite recover from the loss of her TV show"