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PlayStation Move title leaked by ESRB with a list of some of the sports on offer.

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madmonkey02986d ago

this was listed on the sony site already, so what is this revealing?

UNCyrus2986d ago

I've known this for months.... yawn

sinncross2986d ago

This is actually disappointing.

While we have known this list for some time I was honestly expecting it to include more then just 6 sports...

Anarki2986d ago

The casual games commences.

Ju2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Ah, sounds interesting. Nice to see, it's not a WiiSports rip off. Bocce and Disk Golf. Both should work well with a motion controller and are fresh ideas...

nikrel2986d ago

This was just in my Playstation:TOM they had a 2 page spread about the move. Disc Golf is very fun i've only played once but it was a nice experience. It is not an easy game people will be mistaken if they think it is, just as hard as Golf.

I'm excited about it, I just wish they had curling... i've always wanted to try that out.

Table tennis is so much fun, my wife and I are so excited about move. We enjoyed the wii but I could not stand the inaccurate movements.

Wh15ky2986d ago

Curling would be an excellent addition. The curling in Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics is great fun and very strategic.

Briefcase Joe2986d ago

most of the Move titles have online play because if you don't have any friends around, it would be nice to be able to jump online and find someone to play against instead of the cpu.

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