Gran Turismo 5: New Nürburgring Grand Prix Footage Emerged

A new video shows some new footage of the new Grand Prix track at Nürburgring.

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waltercross2803d ago

Looks good, the video worked for me, just need to give it a minute to load the site and Video.

shayol33t2803d ago

Can't wait to add this to my GT collection, so very excited. Top gear can only serve as a entree for so long (as its a main course :P)

jwatt2803d ago

Who ever was playing sucked so bad!

Doc Sony2803d ago

Dope, but next time don't let a Forza player at the controls, its called The REAL Driving Simulator for a reason.

snakebite362803d ago

How fun would it be if you could race with trailers hitched to your car?