CVG: The 50 best Xbox 360 games

We asked our good, loyal following for their top five Xbox 360 games - so that we could make a definitive list of the console's best. You sent us your opinions... and we were left with a pretty clear picture.

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Gaystation 32954d ago

Good list! Glad to see Mass Effect 2 at number one, with Fallout 3 and Fable 2 not far behind.

Double Toasted2954d ago

Fable 2 shouldn't be that high on the list. I don't agree with the order of games listed.

toaster2954d ago

I thought Castle Crasher's was really good, though it didn't make the list.

ME2 is a great game and truly deserves it's spot as number one.

BeaArthur2954d ago

Agree, with Double Toasted. I have never understood why people are so high on the Fable series. You still communicate with farts and weird faces. Fable 2 was much better than Fable but that isn't saying much.

dangert122954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

why is mw 2 in there? and odst should't be 2nd its story mode is not worthy and its halo 3 multiplayer that makes it attractive

i would say
mass effect2
mass effect
alan wake
crack down
forza 3

are my top 5

HighDefinition2954d ago

I haven`t played Alan Wake yet.

and I personally would change Forza for Dead Rising(I LOVE that game)

Milamber2954d ago

Great to see the Mass Effect series up there, although Lost Odyssey would rank waaay higher for me! And Mirror's Edge would be on there too.

Squall50052954d ago

It was all voted for by CVG, but I can't believe ODST is at number 2!
Did I miss something in that game? I completed the campaign in 1 sitting. It felt like an over-priced peice of DLC to me.

mittwaffen2954d ago

Halo 3
Red Dead
Alan Wake
Mass Effect 2
Perfect Dark
Toy Solders

That would be off the top of my head.

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The story is too old to be commented.