I Can't Feel XIII

BlurbBlog quote "I think the defining reason for our, to say the least, disappointment over Final Fantasy XIII was that it made us realize just how empty an aesthetically pleasing game was capable of being."

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stonecold12808d ago

now i only played it a few times and was dissapointed with the game i wont be going back to play it any time soon i might trade it in once the other final fantasy vs 13 comes out it will be way better than this version and vs 13 will be only on ps3 which will be good news for all of us sony fans

Lucreto2808d ago

I loved FFXIII it is one of my favourite gams this gen. I played if for 113 hours and enjoyed every minute of it.

dgroundwater2808d ago

Yeah? I haven't played it yet, but I have a feeling I am going to love it when I do.

KratosGod32808d ago

Is a cool game!!! i like it

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