Capcom fires warning on Move and Natal

The era of motion controllers could snap shut as quickly as it has blown open, one of the world’s biggest publishers has warned.

Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto has welcomed the arrival of both Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Project Natal, but said that both platform holders need to prove there is a concrete plan in place to sell the devices.

"If there isn't a strong business model message from the platform holders about how they will develop [motion controllers] with users, then I don't think it will go well," Tsujimoto said.

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dangert122865d ago

I don't give a flying f*ck
they make good games how they go about there dlc is not right
spesh with resi 5 streetfighter(ssf4)
and lost planet eeff dem

Simon_Brezhnev2865d ago

they just scheming a way to make Super Move Street Fighter 4. This time it will cost $60

thereapersson2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Capcom is one to talk. For f*ck's sake, they put out DLC for Lost Planet 2, ON THE DAY OF RELEASE. They've also been known to release DLC that is ALREADY ON THE DISC that you paid 60 G*ddamn dollars for.

I don't think Capcom should be scolding anyone about having a solid business model.

Where's the integrity with these guys?

badz1492865d ago

out of all publishers, it's CRAPCOM/SCAMCOM (or what so ever!)! the one who is losing touch with every single franchise they are making and keep scamming people with rip-off DLCs and everything - for god sake you don't have the rights to warn Sony and M$ on how to run their business! if you don't like the idea of any or both of them, no one is pushing u to produce any game for it and if you feel like not liking their consoles anymore, there's always keyboard+mouse on PCs! so, FVCK OFF stupid CAPCOM!

Double Toasted2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

M*thaf*cka!!! Do you speak it?!?!?!

Edit: Below...thank you.

Inside_out2865d ago

Capcom complains and Re-releases RE4 for the 10th time on 360 and PS3 with motion controls....They have had some big flops recently...

inveni02865d ago

IMO, Capcom is one of the worst developers in the industry right now. I don't think there's another developer out there that has lost touch with their fanbase as strongly as Capcom has.

thereapersson2865d ago

Square Enix is pretty out-of-touch right now if you ask me...

nycredude2865d ago

Activision takes the cake and eats it in this instance.

Etseix2865d ago

i think Square Enix is the one, i mean, they have years on the bussiness with FF games, unlike Activision,, :/

Perjoss2865d ago

you do realize that DLC is optional right? and when you read reviews, the scores are based on a product excluding the DLC, so you know exactly what you're buying. It's not like capcom games are very short or lacking in content. If you dont like the DLC options then don't buy!

dangert122865d ago

its opintional but they should't be allowed.
to withold content on a disc you payed for unless you buy a key from the market place or cut things out the game and make us pay for it later and i know its optional thats why i ain't brought nothing from scamcom since street fighter 4

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RatFuker2865d ago Show
frankymv2865d ago

I think Capcom better fire a warning at their developers for the crap they have been putting out.

palaeomerus2865d ago

Well one of those developers already went under (Grin).

They have outsourced a lot of stuff too. Dark Void and Dead Rising 2 were nopt done by internal studios.

Barbapapa2865d ago

just make a HDmonster hunter already!!

thereapersson2865d ago

I'd love to see a remake / re-release of Rival Schools: United By Fate, and this time complete with all the minigames and extra content that made the Japanese package so enticing.

Perjoss2865d ago

oh hell, yes please!
I can't seem to stop playing the wii one, I just wish it was HD and with 'western' camera controls (like being able to look diagonally instead of looking up and then left etc)

2865d ago
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