Crysis 2 Showcase Video

EA have released a showcase video interview with Nathan Camarillo discussing the highly anticipated Sci-Fi FPS - Crysis 2.

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madpuppy2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

lets see, 25% of the video is the stupid opening, the next 45% is Nathan Camarillo talking, 15% of game footage everybody has seen already and the last 15% is the closing.

So, a good 55 % of the video is nothing worth seeing and out of the 45% of the Nathan C. interview only about 10% was new information.

seems like this could have just been a short blurb on a gaming news site...or even a twitter from Mr. Camarillo.

Steve_02928d ago

Why don't you give us a summary then?

madpuppy2928d ago

EA!, EA!, EA!, Nathan Camarillo: blah blah, we have an unique opportunity to blah blah blah. scenes from "the wall" trailer interspersed throughout. talking about stringing together nanosuit abilities to create your own gaming technique...blah, blah nothing we haven't heard before ad nauseam...long outro...

there! you happy now?

Nihilism2928d ago

Even that pre-rendered footage looks half as good as the pre-renders in the first game... me thinks they ran into a storage issue on one of the console's *wink wink*

For anyone that played ME2 on PC...the pre-rendered footage looked worse than the in game settings on the lowest possible, same thing.

...yeah crysis 2 is not going to be gimped at all...

Chris_TC2928d ago

I totally agree. I played Mass Effect 2 maxed out with 16x AA at 1920x1200, and the pre-rendered cutscenes were very blurry while the ingame scenes were extremely crisp.
Huge difference, made me wonder why on earth they pre-rendered when it ended up looking so much worse than ingame.

Steve_02928d ago

Even that pre-rendered scene in crysis 1 looked bad apart from character models and other details (animation), it was blurry, screen torn, and just generally low res quality. Is anyone who has both a console and a decent pc even considering choosing the console version? I mean, I'm keeping my eye out on the PS3 version, as that's where I do most my gaming and my macbook pro isn't the best of rigs to say the least.

Nihilism2928d ago

I agree that the crysis 1 first pre-rendered scene was blurry, but screen tear is an easy fix, v-sync it.

Pandamobile2928d ago

Crysis didn't have any pre-rendered cutscenes.

or are you talking about the intro trailer?

likedamaster2928d ago

Will Crysis finally live up to the hype?