Cancelled Call of Duty Screens revealed

M2G Writes:

A Senior Artist for Activision has revealed details of a cancelled version of the game via his online portfolio.

The details listed for the game which was to be named “Devil’s Brigade,” show screenshots, although to be honest it doesn’t really look like it would have been that exciting.

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toaster2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Looks pretty dull to me.. good thing Activision scrapped it. Pretty sure we don't need any more generic WWII shooters.

shaunmcilroy2865d ago

This was on Kotaku last week when I submitted the tip to them.

It's just another murky glad to be cancelled game.

HarryM2865d ago

On the bottom of one of the screenshots (not listed by the website but by the blog), you can see "Date: December 2007" which means they had this game planned for some time.

Mind you, it looks pretty boring.

2865d ago
Rhythmattic2865d ago

Its being repackage as a MP Map for MW2 for $15.


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