Rumour: Nintendo 3DS testing platform leaked

GOONL!NE writes: Leaked images from the FCC indicate Nintendo have begun testing their new 3DS, with the surprise being that the new handheld has a 3D widescreen 16:9 display and a traditional 4:3 one.

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hamoor2864d ago

16:9 display FTW!!!
high res OLED screen would be nice

kharma452864d ago

Only problem with OLED is it can be hard to see in direct sunlight, something that's been noted with things like the HTC Desire, Nexus One etc.

If they managed to get hold of Samsung's Super AMOLED it'd be more viable as it offers 80% less sunlight reflection.

I'd imagine that the new DS will just stick with a TFT screen but maybe employ LED back/edge lighting to help reduce power consumption.

Connoro2864d ago

To be honest, I'd love an iPhone-esque glass capacitative display. The only problem there is that you'd need a special capacitative stylus if you wanted to use a stylus.

turok2864d ago

Now I cant wait for wut will be revealed about the 3DS come E3

gumgum992864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

wow, 16:9? that's awesome! ^_^

gotta give it to nintendo; even with this leak of the internals, we still know very little of the 3DS, other than the obvious being confirmed.

If the bottom screen will be regular than how does the two screens combine to form "one big giant screen" as early reports have stated?

Connoro2864d ago

Maybe it'll twist round to make one massive ultra-widescreen display.

SpoonyRedMage2864d ago

That looks like the base of the Gamecube with screens stuck on to me.:P