Blacklight: Tango Down is the “Antithesis of Call of Duty” Says Producer

GamerZines: In an exclusive interview with GamerZines Zombie Studio's Jered Gerritzen has described Blacklight: Tango Down as the "antithesis of Call of Duty."

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BubbleSystemSuck2982d ago

Lol... the game for the cheaters!!!!

shovelbum2981d ago

All of a sudden I have zero interest in this title.

Inside_out2981d ago

COD is an institution....Millions play it everyday...that's YOUR demographic...this game is destined to fail....

Baka-akaB2981d ago

Screw cloning COD over and over .

I dont know if the game will be any good , but his interview grabbed me with one detail "a sense of speed which Quake fans will be more than familiar with."

And imo not a mistake at all . Aiming for that de facto COD demographic would result in failure .

Unless you are a COD studio or EA with medal of honor and battlefield .... you wont sell a "cod styled" games .

People arent that starving when they play the original stuff all year long , and when every year there is a new one .
You've got far better chances by reaching out to people bored with it or seeking something else .

thehitman2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Was a fail completely ruined my thought of Call of Duty I bought it going in with a perfect image of once a great game and got short campaign and unbalanced online. Actually almost all the good shooters I played this gen that had sequals fell completely short Res2/MW2 it looks like TreyArch wont make that mistake though, ill not be buying Black Ops but GL to them.