Microsoft: Xbox platform’s April sales “more than any other platform”

While the NPD Group recently reported that the retail video game software sales in the month of April were rather lackluster, Microsoft has reported that ‘Splinter Cell: Conviction’ – an Xbox 360 exclusive – sold nearly half a million copies during the month; thereby notching the top slot among rivals.

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topgeareasy2930d ago

USA only

world wide sales PS3 > Xbox 360

Theonik2930d ago

And that's the way it will stay unless MS can pick up the pace with their software. ;)

Smokzdaizm2930d ago

360: over 40 million sold worldwide
PS3: over 35 million worldwide

And the PS3 sales are greater than the 360's worldwide? I guess that's the new Sony math where over 35 million is more than over 40 million

Baka-akaB2930d ago

and in your math 40 millions (and 35) of consoles owners buy games ?

lowcarb2930d ago

Where can i find these worldwide numbers of accurate software hardware sales worldwide? link please

If there was a huge difference the ps3 would have passed 360 long ago. You people have nothing to loose in this yet act like sore loosers lol.

cryymoar2930d ago

wonder how many broken xb360's there are.
i mean it was at 33% at one time.

seems like 40 Million may be a little...incorrect.
shipped, not sold, and how many broken leading to reships and resales?

URIELXIV2930d ago

i think he means monthly sales, not total

Biggest2930d ago

What kind of math are you using, Smokzdaizm? Microsoft sold 40 million of what in April?

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Rowsdower2930d ago

While the PS3 may be outpacing the 360 in month to month sales, the 360 is still selling. So your statement that the ps3 has sold more worldwide than the 360 is wrong. By most estimates the 360 is still ahead by 5 million.

Now I'm not saying the ps3 will never eclipse the 360, its very possible. But how about waiting till that happens instead of making false statements.

edgeofblade2930d ago

I think it's a little more than "possible". I predict we will have a very clear view of how the rest of the generation will play out after this E3.

Motion2930d ago

If you take into account "functioning consoles", I have a feeling the PS3 passed the 360 a while ago, though we'll never get the facts on those numbers.

Baka-akaB2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )


They were talking about software sales i believe, and here we've got someone countering with hardware figures .

In the end , it's obvious that no console got a 100% attach rate , with remplacement units , people that buy very few if any games at all , and sometimes piracy .

Parapraxis2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

apena89, If you factor in the number of replaced consoles the numbers between PS3 & 360 become nearly identical.
The userbase is almost at the same size right now.
Wii still destroys them both though.

I'll get disagrees for sure from those who are in denial.
And those who know how do do math and aren't kidding themselves will agree.

And to clarify when MS says "more than any other platform" in April it means "$204 million across software, hardware, accessory sales"

ceedubya92930d ago

" If you factor in the number of replaced consoles the numbers between PS3 & 360 become nearly identical. "

I'm not sure how we can really come to that conclusion. We don't how many people are repeat buyers for the 360 due to console failure or just upgrading.

As for the PS3, despite how low we think the failure rate is fof that console, there is also the possibility people replacing failed PS3s as well (it is an electronics device afterall). Not to mention another possibility of people upgrading from the fat PS3s to the slimline ( I know I did).

Long story short, every case is different, and unless we go in every home in the world and take a survey, the only thing that we can do assume. Now, I can disagree with your assumption, but that won't mean that I'm in denial. Just that I wouldn't believe there is enough evidence to really support your theory. But you could very well be correct. So, who really knows.

tehReaper2930d ago

360 has a 3 year warranty for RROD. Replacement consoles are replaced for free. Yes there are other problems but most failures are caused by RROD.

Is it so hard to believe that Xbox is mainstream this generation? No botched numbers, no conspiracy, just the Xbox brand earning an image this time. Microsoft have made a lot of mistakes, but they must also be doing something right.

edgeofblade2930d ago

Yes yes.... I can read the NPD. Please stop trolling.

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xaviertooth2930d ago ShowReplies(1)
NastyLeftHook2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

good for microsoft, it seems america really loves their shooters. and yes topgeareasy, the ps3 is outselling the xbox360 worldwide. i think their tied in america though, but im not sure. ;)


I like KZ2, UC2, R&C, MGS4 and Infamous but don't kid yourself those "ain't" shooters... right?

Boody-Bandit2930d ago

That's a shooter?
Man I must have played a different game. I thought I was using electrocity.

sGIBMBR2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Really? I thought it used electricity? Jks!

zorglub2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

R&C : platformer

MGS : stealth game

UC2 : adventure / shooter game

KZ2 : shooter

PS3 has a lot more genres. More and better exclusives too.

Double Toasted2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

All those games you mentioned have....GUNS.

Damn, N4G, whats up with an ignore button.

Time_Is_On_My_Side2930d ago

They have weapons but shooters all you pretty much do is shoot that's different than the other genres. Like at for example UC2 vs. Gears of War 2 there are different game mechanics that separate it from the shooter genre. Try not to have a confirmation bias by only looking at a small aspect of the games knowing full well of different game-play.

What's next, Final Fantasy XIII is now a shooter because it has guns/weapons?

Alcon2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

So Gta 4 is just a shooter, and so is alan wake or Mass effect?
just because there is a shooting mechanism, it doesn't make a game a shooter.
there is for instance an action adventure shooter, where both the action adventure and the shooter part are a very important selling points of the game, and an action adventure shooter where the most important aspect of the game is the action adventure, where the shooter part is not put forward. Well hope you understood what I meant :/

edit: Some_One_Plays beat me to it lol

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32930d ago

Uh, in those games you have to shoot something to have gain any progress in the game or to move forward. I swear I lose brain cells coming to N4g...

nikoado2930d ago

You don't have to have to shoot anyone in MGS :)

Alcon2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

yes but thats not the core element of the game; it's not the"selling" point of the game.
Don't tell me that when you go buy Mass effect 2 or even Fallout 3 you think you're buying a shooter :S
Shooting in a game doesnt automatically mean the game core genre is a shooter.
My english is not that great, so I hope you understand what I try to say

lowcarb2930d ago

The point is they all have shooting elements which gamers like. Guns in games mean they are shooters period regardless of the genre.

Parapraxis2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Lowcarb, are you intentionally trying to be simple?
If so, congrats you pulled it off like a champ.

Next you'll say "You can drive a vehicle in Halo, THEREFORE it's a racing game durrrrrrr hurrrr duurrrrr."

TreMillz2930d ago

*Tre starts playing shadow the hedgehog on his PS2*

*Tre kills an ememy and they drop a plasma gun*

"Cool I can use this now."


"WTF?! I thought sonic and the rest were a strickly platforming game?! Its a shooter now because I picked up a gun? Great, I can forget about jumping on platforms now...."

Your logic...has been FAIL Approved.

RedPawn2930d ago

Thank you Zor, for setting it straight.

The next argument will be Zelda is a RPG.

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Inside_out2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

M$ as well as all consoles are gonna have a good year...Splinter Cell Conviction one of the best titles I've not only played this year, but the entire generation...INCREDIBLE game play...For those still on the fence...check out the Demo Ubi-soft released...Here is a walkthrough from the developer....there's 2, this one is the assault version...You can play it right now, just download it....Enjoy...only on 360....

Biggest2930d ago

I firmly believe that cez of rage is an actual sales rep for the Xbox. I think he promotes their games in every comment he makes.

forcefullpower2930d ago

I am sure this is a duplicate story I even recognise the the whole story virtually word for word somewhere else.

Sure I am not getting Deja Vu.

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