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Lucreto2863d ago

It is a pity we can't see how much was actually sold. I am interested to see how well Alan Wake did.

Personally I can't wait until this World Cup business is over.

jetlian2863d ago

alan wake was out for 1 dang on day. what did you expect

N4PS3G2863d ago

This is the all fortmats chart. Meaning that those fifa numbers are from both ps3 and 360.

Check the Individual track: Alan Wake is #1.

green2863d ago

4 disagrees for speaking the truth. lol , N4G will always be the same no matter how many coats of paint you add.

Anyway, nice début for Alan Wake. Shooting straight to the top of the charts in just 2 days.

The real killer2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

This was expected, UK ;) the same as USA :)
Well, good luck with playing with AW.
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He get disagree becouse he get a another sale track ;)

LoLZoRz2863d ago

nice to see just cause 2 in the chart