VideoGamer: Crysis 2 First Look

Crysis 2's trashed open world New York is ridiculously detailed. Crumbling skyscrapers litter the landscape and building interiors are packed with furniture, posters and yesterday's news. Is that the Empire State Building on the right? Certainly that's the Flatiron. It is a gorgeous day, but the brilliant sky is obscured by ash.

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FangBlade2933d ago

"Crysis still looks incredible some three years after its release. But that game was a PC exclusive that was pretty much unplayable on the maximum graphical settings on the hardware of the time. Crysis 2, a multiplatform game powered by Crytek's CryEngine 3, looks even better, despite running on a console that's nearly five years old."

Stopped reading right there.

champ212933d ago

They seem to want to confuse the reader into thinking the Console version of crysis 2 looks better then crysis 1, which just isnt true.

Crysis 2 on consoles would be low/med setting crysis 1, without the huge open world aspect.

Shaman2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

No Crysis 2 on console will look like Crysis 1 high settings on PC,but without 1080p and 16xAA.Here are newest scans and it looks amazing on consoles.When will people learn that fixed hardware like console will give you much more performance then same range PC??

Theo11302933d ago

You are the reason I'm starting to hate N4G.

SuperM2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Shaman is actually right. You hate N4G because there exists a few people that know what they are talking about? To bad most dont. You being a prime example.

Shaman2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

So...this guy above me says it will be low even with restricted "freedom" i say it wont,cus if you think that it will be like Crysis on low you are seriously biased(as Fang) and dont want the game on console to look better then some best looking exclusives or you never have played Crysis on low(most likely).It looks like utter crap,really.

And BTW,after seeing your avatar i started to hate N4G to :) So again you guys havent won anything?No wonder...

One thing i learned on N4G.The more hate you get,the more rational you speak.This place is flooded with fanboys and crybabies so its no wonder that common sense comments get most disagrees.

Inside_out2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Listen, I only play console my console terms of sheer power, in every conceivable graphical way...the PC is unbeatable....what are you talking about...Check out Crytec's tech terms of complete package with gameplay...that would be a different story...Here's some footage...enlighten yourselves...geezzz....

Chris_TC2933d ago

I stopped reading there as well. That's complete nonsense, and when the game is out and comparisons with Crysis 1 pop up, these journalists will eat their words.

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sid4gamerfreak2933d ago

Oh boy can't wait to get this game on the superior pc version...

What made crysis 1 great was not only stunning graphics, it was the fact that the engine could run a massive open world, something crysis 2 will not have.

toaster2933d ago

lol Did you notice that the whole lot of us PC guys only have 2 bubbles? I lost one back on the "NO RDR for PC" Article.

On topic: The jungle island in Crysis is beatiful and lush. Now in Crysis 2 it's all concrete and cold. I think the change of setting has something to do with the stress levels of the GPU. City will have less things going on at a given moment, not many trees so no super awesome shadows. Just shadows of buildings, cars, and various small object littering the sidewalk and not rays of light shimmering through each and every leaf, twig, branch, vine.

iamgoatman2933d ago

Just bubbled you two up.

The system is becoming worse every day, they should have users have a constant 3 bubbles, and actually ban the ones who cause trouble, instead of others abusing the system and removing bubbles from people that don't agree with them.

KilZoneGeneralStrife2933d ago

I want Crysis GFX and BC2 type multiplayer with vehicles and I'll be sorted.

DaT1Guy2933d ago

But if that life is a boring life, then ill be looking at this game from someone elses tv or computer.

*in case you didnt understand what i said, Translation: If the gameplay is crap, me no likey.

Looks like a rent to me.

sid4gamerfreak2933d ago

@DaT1Guy: A rent for u? Fine, its ur loss, the gameplay and graphics seem to be impressive. R u one of the countless console fanboys who think crysis is only graphics and not gameplay? Because if you do, then its obvious u havent even played the game.

In other words, :I win because I buy the game, you lose because you rent the game...

@toaster: Yea i noticed we pc guys have two bubbles....Its obvious the bubble system is being abused once again...

Dylantalon12933d ago

i believe that this game will look mediocre on consoles.

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