Red Dead Redemption - Dastardly

Dastardly achievement in Red Dead Redemption

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electricshadow2928d ago

I laughed SO hard at that! I'm so going to do that now! xD

sixaxis2928d ago

so epic, me too, gonna do that. über epic. best feature ever. so brutal.

sixaxis2928d ago

strange, someone disagrees with all of us who laughed. im assuming this person took offense. would it had been better if it wasnt a nun?

Strange_Evil2928d ago

LMFAO lol I am soooo getting this game lol. THAT WAS EPIC!!!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2928d ago

I loled also.Killing a nun is the second thing im going to do after fighting a bear with a knife.

Paradise2928d ago

oh my lord that was an achievement?

N4GAddict2928d ago

Red Dead Redemption is going to be awesome if there is more achievements like this.

Lucreto2928d ago

All that was missing was the early 1900 music as the train rolls in and a man in a top hat rolling his Moustache.

jetlian2928d ago

I wonder if it has to be a saint to get the points.

Bender232928d ago

Just has to be a woman, not a nun.

AliTheBrit192928d ago

That is one of the greatest Achievements I have ever seen, seriously I want this game NOW.

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