Rumor: New Tales (PS3) Game Coming & Nariki Dungeon X Release Date Incoming

There have been several rumors going on in Japan of a new Tales game in development for the PS3 and the release date of Tales of Phantasia: Nariki Dungeon X.

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ClownBelt2868d ago

Namco giving love to the PS3? I never thought I would see the day. Of course, this is still a rumor, but still...

Dragun6192868d ago

A Tales game exclusive to the PS3 could be possible since NamcoBandai is releasing 13 ps3 titles and 8 titles for the Xbox360 for this Fiscal Year. It could be one of those 5 games that there releasing for the PS3.


If this is true and Valkyrie Profile 3 for the PS3 is true then either MS stopped their pursuit for Jrpgs or Japanese RPG Developers realized where their core audience is. It just occurred to me but Magna Carta 2 port could also be one of those 5 PS3 games too.

ClownBelt2868d ago

VP3 is a big title. I don't think MS will ignore that. If they can get FF 13, then they can get any JRPG title out there not owned by Sony.

Reibooi2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )


While I do agree with you that VP3 is a big game it's really only a big game for RPG fans. The series while incredible has always been somewhat overlooked. The media praises the series time and time again but again it some how always gets overlooked.

Now this coupled with the fact that Final Fantasy XIII didn't do as well for MS as they had hoped(despite all their advertising for the 360 version and none from Sony it still sold better on PS3) They may not deem it necessary to buy another exclusive JRPG.

Is that a 100%? No it's MS here so they will probably try. I'm just saying they have less reason to do it. I would personally love to see VP3 be PS3 exclusive and try to push the console like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 and see how it would look. The VP world is gorgeous and it would be nice to see it in HD on PS3 with Uncharted 2 level graphics.

SaiyanFury2868d ago

In my opinion the new Tales game is in fact the definitive version of Tales of Vesperia localised for the west. I don't know a lot about the exclusives they've got planned for the system, but ToV strikes me as being the first in a line of titles in which things were excluded from the 360 version, most notably the pirate chick. I can't remember her name. I just want this game to come over here already, dammit!

ceedubya92868d ago

I'd be open to buying it on the PS3 all over again for considerable upgrades and content.

Reibooi2868d ago

I really hope you are right. I really want the PS3 version. So much was added that it would almost be like playing a different game. I would tend to think that if it's ever coming to the US that it will be announced at E3 and if not then it's more then likely never happening.

There would be a slight chance they would announce it at TGS but it would make no sense to announce a US version of a game at a Japanese gaming expo.

ShadyDevil2868d ago

Only if Tales of Vesperia comes to PS3 then aI will be happy

Godmars2902868d ago

If it comes to the West you mean. With a decent turnaround for localization a plus.

sinncross2868d ago

Yeah I want ToV PS3 to be announced for the West during E3.

Acquiesc32868d ago

Well Vesperia PS3 on Japan was very successful and at this point, I really just want it to come to NA. Got pretty far on the 360 version, but I had to sell it along with the system before I could finish. :(

MightyMark4272868d ago

Boo, Tales of Vesperia is indeed good. I still need to finish it though =/

Obama2868d ago

Namco finally realized that Tales games only sell on the ps3?

SaiyanFury2868d ago

Most fans of the Tales series started on the original PS. Tales of Destiny was great, but was only seen by a few of us. Tales of Eternia (aka Tales of Destiny 2) was also great and expanded the first game. We also saw some great Tales games on PS2 beyond the original PS, unfortunately the best Tales game of the last gen only saw a GameCube appearance in the form of Tales of Symphonia. It was released on the PS2 in Japan but not over here. ToV is the best game so far this gen, and Namco has a PS3 version available in Japan as I type this. I've played the demo from the Japanese PS Store, and it rocks. Now they need to get off their collective asses and bring it over here. I have no doubt they will, but I'm still waiting for a release date.

ceedubya92868d ago

Its hard to ignore the 360 install base in the west. There are people out there that had PS1s and PS2s back in the day but only have a 360 now. And they are RPG gamers.
For a nich genre like this, even if the game pulls in only 3-400,000 sold, then its still a sale. Now, if making for two separate consoles ends up costing more in the long run, then a business decision should be made.
But, during these times, i see no reason why any of these 3rd party RPGs should be exclusive anymore.

Paradise2868d ago

I would love a new Tales

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