Alan Wake Achievement Guide

Now that Alan Wake is available in every region of the world, we would like to present to you the complete achievement guide for Alan Wake.

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ShadyDevil2988d ago

Everyone loves achievements, the game looks amazing. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

Inside_out2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Is this article full of spoilers...I saw something this morning that I can't forget...wish I hadn't...Can't wait to play it tomorrow...

For the fans...only on 360...

Jack Klugman2987d ago

Great video.. +bubs to my fellow 360 gamers going to enjoy Alan Wake!

Going to be one heck of an experience!

MattyF2988d ago

Playing through the game is worth it even if it wasn't the only way for 1000 GS Points.

JokesOnYou2987d ago

Damm this is awesome, Red Dead and Alan Wake the same day. I'm going to wait a week for Red Dead though so I can fully enjoy AW first....since of course I've been waiting to play it much longer.


Brixxer6002987d ago

This is an excellent game , i've completed the first 3 episodes and each one is better than the last.