Is Portal the best game of all time?

GamePro's unrepetant Portal fan-girl explains why the 2007 title is the best game in the history of the universe.

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csimpson2865d ago

Well, it certainly is original, and I agree that not all games have to be ten hours plus. On the other hand, the best game of all time is clearly Dudebro — 'My S**t Is F****d Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It's Straight-Up Dawg Time'

dangert122865d ago

Oh yeah lets compare

Forza 3 vs killzone vs mario

well the racing in forza is defo more realistic same with the car phsysics
but it's just not as savage as killzone it has no blood no guns you don't even get credits you gain in career to buy stuff of a none exist store front.
you can't even run into a star and kill everythink in sight howabout a flying cape....portal is a good game but best of all tell hell no. probz best in its genre

madpuppy2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

"the best game of all time" is dependent on the perception the individual.

I happen to really like Dark Sector, it is a flawed but really fun game. the majroity of gamers out there disagree with me. does that somehow make the game not as fun in my eyes? certainly not!

spankipants2865d ago

Hence it is marked as an opinion piece =P

madpuppy2864d ago

that stated this was an opinion piece?


Cajun Chicken2865d ago

I've probably said it a lot, but MDK is the best game of all time to me. Such a great concept, humour, artistic design not to mention soundtrack and gameplay, of course.

madpuppy2864d ago

Poor poor Shiny Software! where are you when we need you!!

chak_2865d ago

no it's not, but it's a good game

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