Gamer: The Wild West in games

Gamer: How different is it in the game industry, where aliens, medieval dungeons and modern warfare, the service was making. Only once in a while appears a solid game as the Wild West theme and the first hit should be slain painted at the time of writing published - perhaps next week in the form of Red Dead Redemption.

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Cajun Chicken2928d ago

I really hate the Wild West. Not just in games, I just don't like the theme, it's all very cheesy, maybe it's because I'm not American or completely missed the era of Western films.

I groan when a Wild West scenario is put in a piece of entertainment, exceptions to this are the Red Dwarf episode, Blazing Saddles and Wild Wild West, I probably liked WWW (the movie) because it was more steampunk. The whole small little shanty town thing and masked gangs thing really doesn't work for me, no enjoyment whatsoever. I don't even like the third Back to The Future film because of that.

I can seriously imagine how boring this game could be. Sure, it could have large scale, but what to do in it? It's not exactly full of pedestrians or has rocket launchers...I never played Red Dead Revolver Gun or Call of Juarez, because I can imagine how depressing they could be.

FacelessGod2928d ago

As for westerns, I love them too. It sounds like you've only seen the cheesy crap, there are plenty of good films in the genre. Don't give up on the western theme, you'll be missing out.