Eyefinity to the sixth degree

Scott Wasson of TheTechReport writes: "You may have seen the news post when, one day several weeks ago, a couple of guys from AMD arrived in our offices to set up a six-display Eyefinity rig. In my years of writing about enthusiast-class PC hardware, I have seen and used some incredibly extreme stuff, but mounting six monitors on stands to create a virtual display wall with over 12 megapixels of resolution has got to take the cake. It's the zenith of extremeness, like a cocktail comprised of Red Bull, Mountain Dew, vodka, and habanero juice, blended with a lock from Shaun White's curly red mane."

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champ212983d ago

Eyefinity is awesome.

With all the casual hype in market these days aka Move, 3D, Natal. I think none of them measure up to Eyefnity.

Been using Eyefinity for afew months now wouldnt go back to single screen gaming.

chak_2982d ago


though I can't afford it :D

that and my desk's too small, my 24" is already enough to me, I prefer intimacy of my screen than my couch remedy :o

Nihilism2982d ago

I don't know how people can enjoy gaming with screen borders cutting up the image, i'd rather get a huge TV or a curved monitor

mortalrage2982d ago

Check it out live, not through pictures. Also I stack my borders, I don't set them side by side and straight like alot of pictures of EF. I am only intereted in 3 monitors landscape, I think 6 is a bit too much atm. If I had six, I wouldn't stack them like in the pic either, I would have them all in portrait.

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