The Advantages of Buying Your Games from Steam

Associatedcontent: Steam is a digital distribution service that is run by run by Valve, the company responsible for legendary video games such as the Half Life and Left 4 Dead series. While there are many other digital distribution services such as Direct2Drive and Impulse Driven, Steam offers some special features that give it an advantage over the others. This guide covers four of those advantages and why you should consider buying PC games from Steam.

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Jdoki2898d ago

I love buying games from Steam. The DRM is unobtrusive, and I just find it very convenient.

My only gripe is that the prices are often higher than the boxed versions. Which seems ridiculous to me, as it can't possibly cost more to store games on a server than actually produce, ship and warehouse a physical product.

ZedoMann2894d ago

More and more games these days let you activate on Steam using the Physical copy, and Steam has Deals a lot.

chak_2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

agree, they need to lower a little bit their price and they'll go boom !

but afaik it's publisher that chose their prices, not valve