Red Dead Redemption’s potential impact on the RPG genre

With the notion of the western setting becoming trendy, how could this benefit the RPG genre when it is historically known for being rooted in Sci-Fi, Fantasy/Medieval settings? However in regards to RDR and what it can do for RPGs, there is much that can be explored in the western setting with RPGs.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Good idea, the fantasy/Medieval RPG/MMORPG is saturated right now. Would be good a Western RPG or MMORPG.


this game I think prob has more rpg elements to it then some games I could name...that call themselves RPG

theunknown2835d ago

Thought the title would imply what gameplay mechanics RDR had that could influence the RPG genre, not painting other genres with a Western theme. =/

Son_Lee2835d ago

Well Wild Arms is known as a Wild West RPG, although the newer installments haven't really been that good. I'd love to see an open-world Wild Arms game in the vein of Red Dead Redemption. I think that would have ENORMOUS potential.

TheMART2835d ago

lol yes lets have all RPG games in the Wild West theme, so we'll have one big boring mess of them!

What makes Red Dead Redemption good is that it takes a theme that has been done before, but that hasn't got a great game in the last years and they took it all giant steps further. Mainly because this gen hardware can do a lot more and building on their GTAIV engine I bet they already have a firm structure even for the multiplayer. Its not GTA Wild West though, they added a lot of stuff.

I hope every RPG or any other genre game will constantly evolve and search new higher grounds and won't copy each other too much, or we'll have the same sh!t as all shooters want to become a Modern Warfare kind of game, with similar themes and settings... Booorrrriinnnnggggggg

Red Dead Redemption, must buy!

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2835d ago

I agree. Hopefully companies like activision wont see this as another cash cow and oversaturate the genre.

mastiffchild2835d ago

Hang on! You're saying this but there's NEVER been a decent attempt at a western(i.e Cpwboys and sh1t)style RPG so you're getting ahead of yourself. Besides it's more likely we'll see a glut of western shooters given the current market trend for 4/5 games to be FPS!

You couldn't call the RPG market saturated in the area that Mass Effect lives in ye we have a billion space marine shooters, don't we? No, if RDR inspires a Bioware(or similarly talented dev) to make the RPG the setting deserves(and there are great character types, racial confrontation and every other ingredient you'd like)that'#s a good thing but because the RPG isn't the shooter genre wouldn't imagine you'll see too many similar games at all. Loads of western actioners and shooters? Sure, but not RPGs and I'd love a western styled RPG done either WRPG style or JRPG. Both could be cool.

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