How Next-Generation Video Games Will Be Better

Associatedcontent: With each passing year video games get better and better. Because both creativity and improvements in technology promise changes that, for all practical purposes, have few if any limitations, one can scarcely imagine what the next generation of video games will be able to do.

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DarkSpawnClone2986d ago

they better be better or what use is buying them lol i really hope next gen doesn't start for a long time!,i really don't think it will cause we have natal and ps move coming out,but i will be pissed off if it starts soon i think where just starting to see what our consoles can do! and i cant afford to buy a ps4! or xbox720!(heh 420 would be a better name hah!) or w.e lol hard enough to get a game especially when there 60$-70$ a pop and prices for ever thing going up in Canada in July!(going to be hard).

dangert122986d ago

its going to heavyily rely on digital distrubution which will kill shops like gamestation pre-orders bonuses? maybe collectors editions? and ms will defo rip us off dub it? look at games on demand now cod 2&3 cost the same price as each other

only thing i'll look forward to is seasonal games like fifa madenn etc there not going to be £40 with minor updates they will become yearily title updates etc

hamoor2986d ago

there is a new disk format called HVD
it's capacity is from 1 to 10 TERABYTES but i guess its too early for this kind of disk format

SaiyanFury2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

HVD isn't exactly new. It's been in use for a bit by the US government for archive purposes. That said, it's a CRAPLOAD more expensive that BD. At this time a single disc costs around 10,000 dollars. It does indeed have a huge capacity, but to implement it in a cost conscious console is many years down the road. Just a couple of years ago, BD players were 1000 dollars. They've come down, no doubt, but a disc drive to read a disc with 3-someodd TB of data? Methinks that's about a half decade/decade away from being commercially viable to the average consumer. Lord knows blue laser technology has been around since the early 90s, but it cost a fortune. It's only recently that blue laser technology became affordable to the average consumer, over 15 years since the early 90s.

kneon2986d ago

Blueray can already do several hundred GB, that should be plenty for next gen. Holographic disks are not ready for prime time yet

dizzleK2986d ago

if it's the same old effing shooters but with nicer graphics and different controller inputs then count me out. technology improves yet 99% of the games are the same 13 year olds power fantasy bs we've been playing for 30 years.

xc7x2986d ago

what i'm hoping for is to be able to put yourself [and your voice] or any object into a game [any type] that allows it of course via camera and mic. another thing i want is a game [sort of what LBP2 will let you do but much more complex] that allows you to make a game,with total ease. the use of motion controls in games have to be very advanced too than what they show nowadays,needing more ways to control everything. last but not least true HD visuals and if we are going 3D make sure it looks really awesome. i would like holographic visuals but we're probably not going to be at that point next go-around of consoles,so i won't go there. please no cloud gaming,save that for PC use,i still want physical media.

Steve0072986d ago

I think, we all are expecting wayyy to much form the next-gen consoles.

stonecold12986d ago

with ps4 but not for atleast another 5 years thought and ps3 is still in it early life cycles like europe australia newzealand 3 years 3mnths now. plus got a lot of plenty of games to come out in the mean time to look forward to

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The story is too old to be commented.