Inside Look: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron HQ Screenshots

In addition to the screenshots that Famitsu released last week, Ignition Entertainment released more screenshots that are now in high quality.

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Acquiesc33014d ago

Looks nice, reminds me of megaten for some reason.

MightyMark4273014d ago

the battle seems kinda meh...

ExgamerLegends23014d ago

apart from the fact that Enoch was a human the game sounds interesting. Starting to see a lot of Christian themed games lately. Didnt know Heaven was so bleak O_O.

MightyMark4273014d ago

I agree.. If Heaven looks like that... I'm scared LOL

Trollimite3013d ago

and the fact that Enoch was black! lol. everybody that lived in those times had blond hair and blue eyes

Arnon3013d ago

I love this company. After Deadly Premonition, I'm up for anything they make.

mrmikew20183013d ago

Is this game that is using the cryengine?

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