Is Bungie's Halo Reach aimed for noobs?

As the final days approaches for the closing of the Halo Reach open beta, warzonergamer reflects on how this game might be watered down for the public then the previous installment. Could this be a new trend hitting the industry?

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NastyLeftHook3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

i would not say aimed for noobs really, its more "casual friendly" than most shooters out there, in my opinion aimed for the 12-18 game audience. it has a simular gameplay mechanic as unreal tournament 3, but from what i have seen the players on unreal tournament generally are more mature than the gamers ive seen on halo3/odst. i think alot of parents buy halo for their kids because its gore-free and casual friendly. for example: non noob friendly games are as follows..


2.killzone 2.


4.BF2142. "no not bad company 2"

Ashriel3018d ago

It actually takes more skill, thanks to reticule bloom, DMR, slower paced movement, armor abilities (you have to know how to counter each).

But this is warzone gamer xD wasn't this like HHG jr.?

warzonegamer3018d ago

lol no hhg jr here but i feel like halo 3 and halo 2 is much better then reach as far as online

dizzleK3018d ago

where has the author been? this entire gen feels like one big noob fest, just look at the shock that occurs when games like demons souls are actually challenging.

theres a line between noobish and a fair challenge that developers simply haven't found yet.

Another One3018d ago

Haha. Reach is harder than Halo 3 was. No more super powerful BR that was good at every range. Reticle bloom effect makes you time your shots to get a well aimed head shot to finish someone off. The armor abilities all have counters.

It's so "noob" friendly and easy that dude missed 90% of his shots. You also gotta at least know the name of the weapon you're describing. It makes it seem like you haven't played enough to know what you're talking about, much less make a decision on it being too "noob" friendly.

Not trying to knock you, man, but you're play and description of the game and it's weapons doesn't lend to credibility on your decision that it's too "noob" friendly.

warzonegamer3018d ago

hay sorry i didnt get the name of the guns down again sorry bro

Another One3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Just a critique, man. No hate here and no reason to apologize. It would just make your opinion more credible to get things down beforehand. Just my personal opinion.

And I've had a different experience. The single shot weapons make the game harder and no one weapon rules the others. The BR in Halo 2 and 3 was too versatile making all the other weapons obsolete (minus power weapons). The AA's add some variance to the game play and also all have counters against them (sometimes multiple).

I agree MM is different because there's no more rank or ranked/social matches, but that doesn't make it "noob" friendly, necessarily. There's Arena for the hardcore and knowing Bungie, they'll come up with something else on top of Arena.

I just don't see it from the same perspective. It seems more challenging than before, except those damn over powered grenades (which is confirmed fixed for retail).

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The story is too old to be commented.