Are Video Games to Blame?

If you were to ask someone who doesn’t play video games what they thought of it chances are it’ll be pretty negative. This is not ignorance but just what they’ve been told. Everybody has heard of Sonic, Mario and Pac-Man. These simple little sprites became the original mascots of video games. These games contained very little story, was very simplistic but fun. As games progressed, they became graphically better, controllers obtained more buttons and pretty much everything about video games evolved. As we entered this century video game developers aimed to make games more like movies. Their aim is to blur the lines between movies and video games but is this the right way to go? As graphics and animations become more realistic, games become deeper and more serious.

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dizzleK3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

when 99% of games are still PEW PEW PEW power fantasies, don't expect to be taken seriously. film and games are entirely different. no country for old men is held up as a mature work. whats the face of mature gaming? halo and gears. maybe when gamers grow up and demand more heavy rain and less call of duty, then they can start to garner more respect from the media and public. until then expect the shock value bs to continue to grab headlines.