$200 Standalone Project Natal = Instant Fail

Ironstar: "According to our friends at GamesOnSmash Project Natal may be priced at $200 (US dollars). We still haven’t gotten an official word from Microsoft to confirm, and we may not receive a formal price until E3 2010. With that said; a questions is raised, will Natal be a standalone package, if it is then allow me to be one less person with a jackass sign pinned on my back."

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STICKzophrenic2648d ago

No way I would buy it for that much.

I would rather buy three games for that amount.

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lord_of_balrogs2648d ago

Regardless of pricing, I actually have to see how natal works with (as much as I hate this word) "hardcore" games before I even consider buying it.

Omegasyde2648d ago

Natal will probally get an actual branding.

Remember it's "project Natal". As in geek speak for the name of the development project.

Knowing Microsoft, they will name it appropiately.

Trey_4_life2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

''You ain't hardcore, until you live haaardcore''

- Ghost of Sparta -2648d ago

I feel bad for anyone who believes Natal is actually worth $200.

Omegasyde2648d ago

Depends if a butt load of games come with it.

Look at the Wii fit, biggest #%#@%$#@ rip off the century.

Whackedorange2648d ago

I feel bad about people who judge a product that is due to come out on a rival system without even having the chance of trying it. I mean things would have been differently if the product and you had tried it.

This goes both way, people who talk negatively about something that is yet to be release cant have many active cells in their brains.

Strange_Evil2648d ago

Don't fall for this... Apple does this all the time. Start a false rumor of the price (1000$ iPad) and then release the product with half the price tag and the media think that this is a steal even when the product (iPad) costs around 200$ to build.....

Same might be the case here... I expect it to be priced at 100$ if MS wants a mass market share... 200$ would just be as disastrous as a 600$ PS3 launch and lets say Nintendo announces Wii2 at 250$ at E3 lol, then it's game over for casual market penetration.

ViciousBoston2648d ago

but there is a $1000 iPad...original for 500, then 3g network for 1000.

IdleLeeSiuLung2648d ago

If anything MS has shown this generation that they know how to price a product to entice customers so I wouldn't put my bet on a somewhat obscure site in Sweden leaking the price.

Furthermore,1500 Swedish Krone is more along the lines of $150 in US when you consider what similar priced items are priced in both countries. I know, I used to live in Norway for 20+ years! We used to cross over to Sweden all the time to purchase stuff because Swedish taxes were significantly lower.

HolyOrangeCows2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

It's true that some companies do start outrageous rumors to make the final product look better by comparison.

But, we also have to look at how MS prices accessories.
$100 for a 60GB HDD,
$130 250GB HDD,
$100 for a wireless attachment,
$30-50 for a half gigabyte memory card,
$50 for a controller w/o rechargeable battery pack,

And if they're going to market it as the revolution they want to convince people that it is, a higher price point could possibly even BENEFIT them.

Anyway, we'll have to see what the true price of it is in due time.

Actually, it was more than THREE "obscure" sites.

IdleLeeSiuLung2648d ago

Yeah, it was "THREE" obscure site that seem to release the same information at the same time in the same freaken country.

Does that sound like they got the information from the same source? Have e-tailers been wrong in the past?

Neither did I actually see the third source either, so in my eyes it really is just two. I distinctly remember exclusives being listed as multi-platform games in the past!

I'm not denying it could be priced that... I'm just saying.

cayal2648d ago

IdleLeeSiuLung - 1500 Swedish Kroner is $192 US

IdleLeeSiuLung2648d ago

Yes, it is if you do an exact exchange.

However, if you compare a Xbox 360 controller, it cost 400 Swedish Kroner and cost $40 US. The price that you are shown on that Swedish site doesn't directly translate to the cost in other countries, due to taxes, different market pricing and etc.

If you bought some food in an emerging country, it is significantly cheaper over there, but you don't expect the same price in the US, do you?

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Christopher2648d ago

I'm guessing it'll be $200 for the arcade console + natal. If they charge $100 or more just for Natal, it won't go very far.

ChozenWoan2648d ago

MS is going to charge $100-$150 for Natal. They are leaking these rumors to make the real price seem like a steal.

kaveti66162648d ago

"Why not comment on THIS rumor? Is it because it gives off a bad appeal?

Because if I remember correctly, fanboys were giving the "PS3 Doom" speech as soon as word spread about a possible "360 Slim"."


"Why shouldn't I be an insipid moron? If I remember correctly, other people on this site were acting like idiots, so I feel justified in being an idiot."

You guys just like making trouble and aggravating each other.

ABizzel12648d ago

I doubt it. MS has strategy has been about being the cheapest console, and even though their add on's are unforgivably overpriced, I doubt they'll launch what is to be the refresh for the console at the same price as their lowest end console. I can see it being $100 with a Wii Sports like game, but no more.

SkyGamer2648d ago

You do realize that everything in Europe and Australia costs more than the US or Japan. I bet it's 99 bucks. Move is will probably be in the same ball park as you have to buy a pseye and move. I don't know how much eye costs, probably at leat 40 bucks then move at 60 or above. Again about the same.

sid4gamerfreak2648d ago

firstly its a rumor so no need to get all hysterical....

secondly, im really hoping natal wont be overpriced but after seeing Microsoft's history, im very doubtful...

oh, yea, and lastly, Motion controls r gonna fail big time...

waltercross2648d ago

I'm gonna have to Disagree on motion controles failing, tell that to Nintendo who is in the lead so far because of there Motion controles, you don't think Mario alone got them that lead do ya?, MS and Sony both realize this, Sony of course is going head to head with Nintendo.

tplarkin72648d ago

Add-ons have a history of failure. The Wii is the Wii. The Wii has motion controls by default.

If Sony and MS want to compete with the Wii, they can't just have expensive motion controls as a separate purchase.

MS has a higher chance of success if they have a bundle which is not called an Xbox. People already know that an Xbox is a traditional console. It also must be no more than $300.

UltraNova2648d ago

I have a hunch that $200 will be an arcade 360 and the Natal camera bundled together.

We all know that MS can afford to cut the price on the 360 for like a year now.

In a business perspective it is absolutely genius to bypass the price cut at the perfect time when consumers will start to demand it (we are used to a price cut once a year at least and that is fact) by adding the Natal camera (which in production I doubt it will cost MS more than 20-30 dollars)and keeping the current price for at least another year.

MS is king in business management/exploitation.

My 2 cents.

kneon2648d ago

I'm highly skeptical of this rumor. Maybe if it was the original design with it's own CPU, but the stripped down CPUless version should be able to sell for Under $100, maybe as low as $50.

At $50 it should sell huge numbers, regardless of the game quality and variety. At $200 it had better offer something earth shattering to sell well to the masses.

The Lazy One2648d ago

I imagine the most realistic price point is $80-120 for the peripheral, but there will probably be a bundle that has Natal equating to around $50. It will probably start coming standard in all 360s this holiday too.

Rather than a price drop again, I think it'll be a value increase for all the bundles. $200 for an Arcade a natal enabled game and natal etc.

I have to imagine the hardware is getting pretty cheap to manufacture. They might start throwing in a small HD too.

avengers19782648d ago


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Omar912648d ago

agreed. although it is pricey and it wont go anywhere with that price tag, it is something that i would like to see in my room one day

dgroundwater2648d ago

Without a slew of killer games at E3, not even the hardcore would invest in this.

gcolley2648d ago

it aint aimed at hardcore. it is aimed at the wii waggling crowd.

Omega Zues2648d ago

Natal would cost $79.99 to $149.99.

I also would imagine that MS is going to bundle Natal too and not just with the systems but with other accessories.

Obama2648d ago

It will at least be over 100 dollars. I Can't see MS charging Natal for only 79 when they were charging 250 for a HD-DVD drive.

Blaze9292648d ago

don't be stupid. the whole purpose of Natal is to make the 360's lifespan longer and penetrate into Nintendo's casual market. Microsoft and anyone with a damn brain knows that won't happen with anything over $80 USD tops. This isn't about doing over priced accessories because they can. This is about gaining new customers. No way in hell this thing is going to be $200

nnotdead2648d ago

i could see Natal being $100+, but no way will it come out for $200.

NexGen2648d ago

$250 for a HD DVD add-on was appropriate for the market at that time. It was competing with the then $600 ps3.

I'm not saying that it was worth that price, but the market allowed it. This 2010 market would not allow for Natal to be $200...especially not when it's competing against the Wii. As a bundle though, arcade + Natal for $200 is priced to compete with Wii.