Gears of War PS3 rumour squashed

Rumours have been flying fast and furious since 1UP's speculation on a number of podcasts that Epic Games had plans to extend the Gears of War franchise onto the PlayStation 3. Understandably, the comments made in the podcast created somewhat of a storm in a teacup, with many Xbox 360 fans rather unhappy with Epic's apparently lackadaisical approach to exclusivity.

However, Epic's Mark Rein recently contacted PSX Extreme to clarify the situation.

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Lord Anubis4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I thought the rumour was about the game being the gears of war universe.

"New IP"

timmyp534168d ago

hey anyway just play some UT3.

blikz4168d ago

totally crap.....gears is under development microsft..there no way there will be on ps3...

achira4168d ago

noone said that geow will come to the ps3. the rumour was about a similar game. but who cares, i say: "killzowned"!

radzy4168d ago

i really want to play UNREAL TOURNAMENT . it looks sick and looks like it will be a lot of fun!!!!!!! until "GEARS OF WAR 2:THE LOCUST CHRONICLES "

LeonSKennedy4Life4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Get UTIII out now!

I doubt they'd put a BRAND NEW PS3 EXCLUSIVE out...if it were set in the GOW universe. That's the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard. They just said it would be a GOW-like game. That probably means Third Person Shooter.

Then again, they could put GOW2 on the PS3. That'd be nice. You know, of course, that MS doesn't own it in the least bit. They helped produce the first one, but that doesn't mean Epic is signed on for anything. Even with the MS name on it...they could revamp it on the PS3...possibly with a good draw-distance, more enemies on screen, and less glitches. Oblivion. That was a NIIIIIIICE port! I love when developers care!

^this message brought to you by "Gamers Actually Caring" or G.A.C.

It's like GAP...without the polo.

Achira...I like that phrase!


EDIT: Let's use that...

Sorry to confuse you.

Seriously though, you can't see GeOW2 on the PS3??? Why not? It's a great franchise and I can see it selling well on the 360...but NOT as well as the first one did. The second one will be competing with Halo 3, UTIII, Haze, and everything else! It was innovative at the time, but I don't know how long it will last amongst the gaming masses...who are hooked on Halo. I still haven't figured out why...but they are. PC gamers are STILL in talks of why Halo got so big. It's pretty much a mystery to the pre-xbox gaming community.

EDIT 2: Show me again...where it says a PUBLISHER owns the rights to ANY game??? Ubisoft published DMC3 and RE4 for the PC. They can't do SQUAT with those franchises though.

Where did you see that MS bought the rights to GeOW??? According an interview...Midway owns the rights to the franchise. Midway, who owns Epic now. Did no one bother to look ANY of this up? You heard rumors LAST YEAR that MS purchased the GOW franchise. Not true.

WilliamRLBaker4168d ago

lol jk lol

as for i doubt geow2 could or would appear on ps3...

SRuN44168d ago

No, because Microsoft owns the rights to the first two games.

SkyGamer4168d ago

Midway DOES NOT OWN EPIC. They are licensing the rights to unreal only. Epic owns Epic. Just like Atari licensed unreal prior. Microsoft AND Epic went in to CREATE GOW so they both own the IP. Just like he said, it's up to MS because they make the other half of the duo.

Skillet_1354168d ago

Actually Microsoft does not own anything in the GeOW series except the rights to the first two games. GeOW 3 could be on any of the other platforms.

Hayabusa 1174168d ago

By the time Gears of war 2 comes out, Haze, Halo3, UTIII and "everything else" will be old. And Epic would've learnt all the new stuff they need to put in their game. 4-player co-op, save films...I just hope they fix the network code.

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