BattleDawn Gaming Tips And Tricks

Battledawn is an online multiplayer game where thousands of players play simultaneously in a single world. Here is a brief article that can help new players and even some good players to have a better idea on how to play and win in this game.

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superdruglord2961d ago

I used to play BattleDawn when it was known as Tribal wars.

The only dislike for me is the fact that the game requires users to spend a lot of real money.

internetish2961d ago

I will have to agree with you on that.

I spent a few hundred pounds already on the game.

superdruglord2961d ago

That is too much man!!

I would say that you should stop playing this game seriously if your spending that much.

internetish2961d ago

I have stopped spending on the game so i guess its fine.