TVGB: ModNation Racers Review

TVGB writes: "Even before LittleBigPlanet paved the way for the “play, create, share” genre, ModNation Racers was kind of a no-brainer. A racer with the potential for unlimited tracks, kart designs, and character models, what’s not to love? And so here comes United Front Games with the ambition to create the little kart racer with a big heart. Do they kick Mario off of the throne that he has held for so long?"

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KING852955d ago

I've preordered this a couple of weeks ago as this looks like a great game for the PS3. It breaks up the monotony of playing FPS. It does not need to kick Mario Kart off the throne, as all that is required is for it to be a damn good game. From the looks of it, I believe those who buy it will be having quite a bit of fun. I can't wait to pip someone at the finishing line to hear them scream. Nooooooo! :)

eggbert2955d ago

or they'll "pip" you.


KING852955d ago

LOL. Well i will be trying my best to hit them with the ol shell or whatever is equivalent to that in this game. If anyone wants to add me my psn=piedpiper_85

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Coming a demo this week, the same day of Red Dead Redemption release date, same day of the demo of ModNation Racers.

Gotta try that. But the bad thing is that the demo don't have Multiplayer but you can create tracks, save those tracks in your HDD, and then in the full version import those tracks from the Demo.


Yeah, I know, it have Split Screen, but I was referring to Multiplayer Online.

Probably will be coming a DLC with:

Ice Elements, More Weapons and Variety.

Probably New Modes:

Battle Modes (not racing).
Racing in Teams - 2vs2, 3vs3...6vs6. Against Players with Bots, or Players vs Players.

Parapraxis2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

It has local multiplayer.
No worries, I just thought I'd point it out for those who didn't know that ;)

RatFuker2955d ago

if this or heavy rain does not get goty i dont know what will. in my opinion, not even halo reach can touch this.

Halochampian2955d ago

many games can touch it. Many have already. God of War III, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Battlefield Bad company 2 (multiplayer wise), Halo Reach, Alan Wake, GT5, and many others.

And from Playing the Halo reach beta.. a lot.. Reach is a force to be reckoned with.

I hope you werent serious. It may be a good game. And i love a good kart racing game. (loved mario kart back in the day) but it would be damn near impossible to get goty. Just logically speaking.


*looks at screen name* Yeah, right, whatever...

LBP couldn't take GOTY because it was just a 2.5D platformer, look at what happened! The guy in the article do it right by file both games under an Play, Create and Share own genre, the thing with LBP and hopefully with MNR is that the main value of the game is in sharing and playing each others creations, not about racing or platforming, but a lot more about showing off your skills, appreciating someone else's creativity, having fun with friends, see a lot of good ideas here and there and try to execute some of your own in a game. Those games has more to do with RPGMaker or MUGEN then they have to do with any Mario game.

Halo Reach, on the other hand, is already being titled around as Halo 3 on steroids, granted to not ring a bell on anyone who already wasn't digging Halo 3... And just to remember us, how many GOTY did Halo 3 get? The only one I remember is 1UP, both COD4 and Galaxy destroyed it, even games like Bioshock and Portal gor more GOTY awards. And truth be told, Uncharted , as fas as single player go, was equal, if not better than the biggest ever GOTY winner, with over 100 prizes, Uncharted 2, just didn't have the hype. If anything, MNR is a better call to GOTY than Halo as far as it remain the same old Halo...

Bathyj2955d ago

It looks great, but I really wish it had a battlemode.

I think I'll wait alittle on this one, but the demo may convince me.

Omegasyde2955d ago

You can create" battle stages", i.e. small circular tracks with tons of weapons.

As far a life meter, who knows.

Bathyj2955d ago

I know you could easily make an arena, but if you cant end the game after 3 hits or a life bar or something it would be the same.

The game likey needs a finish line so it can end.

stonecold12955d ago

get it next week cant wait thought

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