The Console Wars Round 11 The Future

The ‘Console Wars’ are back, and this time LP has future features in his sights. It’s been a long and hard fought road, with the Xbox and PS3 each throwing some serious punches and the score a very close 5-4. With only one round to go after this, the PS3 can lock it up if it wins, or the Xbox can make a comeback and tie this bloody battle up. Project Natal, PlayStation Move, Xbox Live, and PSN all feature prominently in this round as we look at the future potential of each console. LP has crafted a fine masterpiece, so sit back, relax, and watch the future unfold.

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Godmars2902931d ago

Microsoft has Natal and 2nd level 3D support specifically for game.

Sony has Move and 1st level 3D support for games as well as movies.

Basically I see the PS3 continuing its slow edge ahead.

Imperator2931d ago

MS is all but finished. In fact, were it not for the 1 year head start it would have been far behind at this point.

kaveti66162931d ago

Microsoft is finished? You are aware, of course, that Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar corporation and that the 360 is but one small and relatively insignificant source of revenue for them right?

If Microsoft was willing to make an Xbox 360 after losing 9 billion dollars on the original Xbox, what the hell makes you think they would drop the 360 now when they're actually making profit on it?

The one year headstart on the 360 is not something to be criticized. Rather it was a business strategy that appears to have paid off for the 360 because despite the RROD fiasco the 360 is still selling well. Microsoft most likely weighed the cost-benefit ratio and decided it was in their favor to launch the 360 prematurely and risk the reliability issues.

Do not bring Microsoft down to your amateur level. You're talking about one of the large corporations in the world. Give them some credit.

ForROME2931d ago

Dumb as door nails you are kid

Pillville2931d ago

"MS is all but finished"

No, but I would say that Xbox 360 over the hill. But it will have a lasting stay, the same way the PS2 has had.

The PS3 I think is still climbing, so It's hard to tell what it's going to do.

The Wii has flatlined, it's not getting any better, but it's not going anywhere either.

DarkSpawnClone2931d ago

@ kavet6616 that argument could work both ways both Sony and ms are billion dollar corporation's ones more focused on software and the other on hardware,i agree its a brilliant strategy i would defiantly want my console to have a head start on the compilation if ever was a head of a big corporation,but i have to say i really agree with Godmars290 about Sony having more "1st level 3D support for games" that could mean a big victory for Sony if they play there cards right,i think ape escape will be the best motion control game so far but thats again my opinion also I'm a huge ape escape fan and can not wait for a new one!!! day one buy for me i really miss that game!!

SaberEdge2931d ago

The fact is, we don't know what impact 3D or motion controls are going to have for either console. It's all conjecture at this point. I think we just need to wait and see how things pan out.

Trey_4_life2931d ago

The difference is games, the 360 only has a few good games if you can call halo good that is. PS3 on the other hand has had the GOTY for the last 3 years running and is over flowing with AAA ground breaking world class titles.

360 really needs more good games to compete with the ps3 in terms of qaulity, in terms of sales they are doing great.

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DJexs2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I see the opposite Natal is pretty much a supped up eye toy. From the tech demos it is laggy and cannot even recognize it right. Also tech buffalo sucks because he is bias he would give every round to xbox if he wasn't trying to keep readers. He even says that PSN cannot even sound better than XBL because that would be wrong for the playstation's online features to be better then xbox's and he is also right be reinforcing almost all his points with rumors. He is also trying hard to not piss anyone off but we can all see the xbot. This applies to all the articles the only reason he gave the ps3 any wins is like I said earlier he doesn't want to loose readers by showing off his xbot.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Besides some of the rounds, will be outdated soon. And he will need to REmade those rounds.

I assume he is based by speculations and not from experience with the motion controllers.

DJexs2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I doubt he will remake the outdated rounds. But you are right he definitely should.

ImmortalLegend2931d ago

He has a right to his own opinion rather you agree or not. I don't see him as an Xbot at all because I watched all of the console war videos. Just because you don't agree with him doesn't mean you can just accuse him of being a Xbot. Just seems like nobody can have an opinion when it comes to video games lol.

Tony-A2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I think it's quite obvious that he had to give the round to the 360. If the PS3 were to win, what would be the point of having one more round? Either way, the PS3 was going to win.

Anyways, this round didn't seem to be about the future much at all. It was more about which motion controller was cooler to him and which online service offered more, which I believe was already covered in a previous video.

If you want to make a round about the future, make it about motion as well as games, hardware, value and 3D among other things. In a round about the future, you need to compare what both will be like in the future.

He talked about the games from launch, but not the future. Will DVD9 still be enough down the road? Will Blu-Ray continue to grow, therefore making the PS3 more appealing, or will the Blu-Ray standalones take over? Will the PRICE of both motion controllers play into who buys what?

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HolyOrangeCows2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

This guy is incredibly lenient on the 360 and forgets to mention half of he Ps3's qualities in his videos.

Before watching:
-Exclusive HD games
-Viable medium of motion control
-3D and other new technologies
-A few exclusives, mostly sud-HD
-Limited, laggy motion control (And possibly almost $200, if the 3+ sites' prices were accurate
-Lack of new technologies

The 360 has flat-lined, and a camera isn't going to change that.
The Ps3 is actually evolving.

jambabie692931d ago ShowReplies(3)
ChozenWoan2931d ago

So true.

Also, this guy should have waited one month to compile this round. With E3 just weeks away, much about the future of both consoles will be announced very shortly. Especially since 50% of what MS claimed Natal will be able to do last E3, we now know technically that it's not possible.

As for software, 1st party beats 3rd anyday. Sony wins that battle hands down. Not to mention that supporting the PSMove is just a simple step from the Wii, which most 3rd party devs already have experience with. But it is what it is and he knew he was blowing smoke up everyone's posterior, thus the disclaimer at the beginning.

Ohh... and did anyone else notice the choice of PS4/Xbox720 concepts that where used for this piece. Is it just me or did they really just use the lamest PS4 concept on the net. The minute I saw it I knew who they where giving this round to.

UltraNova2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

He based the future of both consoles solely on online? Is this guy serious? Where are the games? Where is blu-ray's future growth? and dvd9's crippling march to the future?

The ps3 is actually the no brainer future proof system here but he just had to give that point to the 360 to tie things up so he can keep round 12 relevant and get some hit-points.

Weak stuff indeed..

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Hank Hill2931d ago

*Puts popcorn in microwave*

D4RkNIKON2931d ago

Haha I feel the same way. I love these reviews!

Zeevious2931d ago

As much as I hate to admit it, there is a Guilty Pleasure to these kinds of watching Josie & the Pussycats the Movie* or Kick Ass.

It's 1/2 for the article and 1/2 for the reactions.

*remember, Blue is the new Orange...Join the Army.

jambabie692931d ago

nintendo saved it hank redneck. sony copies ninty's every move. microsoft knew last gen ps2's suckage point- online gaming.

you ps3 fanboys underestimate anything, just like sony has, abd look who's fighting- SONY.

blu ray and all that was crap. the next gen for consoles was online, like the pc, and micro still stomps on that.

keep thinking they didnt "innovate" fuckin ps3 fanboy, get ya shit str8 and like i said dreamcast was micro so try again!

ape0072931d ago

and I can safely say that these comparisons are the best

willie62892931d ago

I agreed up until the point where he said that ps3 couldn't match xbox because of facebook and twitter and last fm. all of which ps3 had from launch on the internet browser.

*actually not sure about last FM i use Pandora instead. same diff.

and he conveniently forgets to mention the fact that we have no hands on any of this future tech. but like someone else said, xbox had to win this "future" round so that he would have a reason for the next round.

Epicor2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

This is easily the best 360vsPs3 comparison in the net. Surely LP can't please all the fanboys but to be fair, I think he has done outstanding job in each of his rounds and I agree with the winner at all rounds (and I can admit that I am a Ps3 fan).

Controller: Surely Ps3 has better analogue nubs and digital pad but 360 has better shape and easily better triggers (which is vital). Winner 360.

SKU's: Both have really confusing aproach. Draw.

Hardware: Both consoles look beautiful but Ps3 has way better inputs and outputs + built-in wifi. Ps3 is clear winner!

CPU: 1st party games are the proof - Ps3 has better processor.

GPU: Extremely solid work LP! Really deep review and I can see why 360 is the winner.

User interface: I agree with LP. Speed is a key to succes and Ps3's interface is faster to use.

Online Experience: I don't own 360. I still have to admit that 360's cross game chat and party system beats Ps3's online services. Sure it costs something but I would be more than happy to pay 50-60€ to have better online services. Hopefully PSN Premium membership (if it's ever coming) will top the xbox live and be new champ of online services. At this point, 360 takes the cake.

Media Playback: Easiest round to judge. Ps3 wins by a landslide.

Multi platform games: With the release of FFXIII things are not that simple any more but still I have to admit that most of the older multi platform games look better on 360. Not that big issue any more but still...360 takes the round.

Exclusive games: ME, ME2, Halo3, ODST, Fable2, L4D, L4D2, Forza3, Gears1&2, AW. That's an impressive lineup. Especially AW and Mass Effect series make me wish that I would own 360 as well. Luckily I have MGS4, R2, R&C-series, KZ2, LBP, GOW, HR, U&U2...and future look bright. I'm glad that LP declared Ps3 a winner of a round.

Future: This is hardest round to judge and I think it could have gone either way. I agree that natal seems a bit fresher than move (c'mon, natal is not an eyetoy even so many fanboys would like to think so) but I think move is better for hc gamers. Natal could be just a novelty feature, nothing else. But we have to wait and see. This round should really have gone out after e3! But it's good that 360 won this round as round 12 is going to be epic!

stonecold12931d ago

the ps3 already has twitter and face book since day 1 where xbox 360 256 players on screen at once no where in sight and another one xbox live you cant surf the web which you already do on ps3 sorry ps3 has the upperhand on this one

D4RkNIKON2931d ago

If you watch his other videos you would know he is not bias.

Anarki2931d ago

It's like he's picking out the good points of the 360 and the bad points of the ps3(which is stupid as most of the points he made the ps3 have had or is better in) just to keep people watching and to even out the scores.

Omar912931d ago

ur right at the fact that ps3 has internet support and 256 players at once, but he did come with some very good comparisons on both the ps3 and 360. to me he is not bias at all. he just listed things that were true and some of his opinions. 360 has a few more features and the online may be a bit superior. but of course your paying 50 bucks a year so there has to be some significant improvement over your competitor.
ps3 has very good online connectivity. i wish the psn felt more like a community (and no dont mention home) but overall ps3 does what i need it to do the most. play games.

ImmortalLegend2931d ago

I agree that this is a flaw with his comparisons, but I've watched the other videos and he doesn't seem biased to me.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

This guy will need to REmade that round about PSN and Live, when PSN Premium comes out.

And I bet both consoles will have the same points when the rounds are over, tie.

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