Natal to Cost $200?

Mucu from GamesOnSmash writes, "Recently, three Swedish retailers have shown that Microsoft’s project Natal will sell for 1,499 SEK, which comes in just under $200! Wow."

What do ya'll think about that?

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Natsu X FairyTail2841d ago

I doubt they'll sell it at 200$. Anybody with an xbox already wouldnt go buy it for the price of a Arcade console. But maybe they sell games at higher prices in Sweden? we dont know.

FlipMode2841d ago

That's not a smart move by MS, so I think this is fake.

Darkstorn2841d ago

No, Sweden sells games for the exact equivalent of $60. Either this is a misprint or Microsoft is heading for a brick wall.

HolyOrangeCows2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Well, when they charge...
$100 for a 60GB HDD,
$130 250GB HDD,
$100 for a wireless attachment,
$30-50 for a half gigabyte memory card,
$50 for a controller w/o rechargeable battery pack,
...I wouldn't be too surprised.

I hope it's not. I was hoping it would be ≤$50, because I doubt I will be playing full-fledged games that ONLY use the camera.

oohWii2841d ago Show
Myzer2841d ago

oohWii, what has Move got to do with this article? Stop being an idiot.

If Natal is $200 is it WAY too much, end of story, any pricing of Move is completely irrelevant to this rumour.

Elvfam5112841d ago

$100 for move is gonna bring move, the sub controller, the camera, and a game. I think its gonna be $40 bucks for move and the sub controller as standalone package. < All this is rumored if i remember correctly.

Your willing to pay $200 just for natal. I'll understand if its bundle with a game or with the Xbox 360.

Elvfam5112841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Oh wait....

Elvfam5112841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Triple post Booooyaaahhhh

scofios2841d ago

they are fucked both ways , if they sell it for 200$ there are screwed because Its To expensive , if they sel it for 50$ they are screwed to , Let's be honest here people , Wood you belive that a 50$ electronic device can do what they showed and promised at E3 last year , that milo ( artificial intelligence ) and stuff.

kunit22c2841d ago

They are selling something that cant play hardcore games for $200 when Sony is selling something that can play hardcore games for less than $100... hmm... interesting,And casuals are barely buying the Wii at $200, do they really think casuals are going to go buy a 360 then also go spend $200 dollars on Natal? I don't think so, but I think they will release a bundle to lower the price by like $50 but I still don't think it will sell very well.


OooWii, you know that this rumor of 100 bucks for move was about a complete bundle with Move, NavCon (nunchuck) , Camera and Game, don't you? The Move + NavCon is supposed to cost something from 40 to 60, as the DS3 controller. So, chances are that with 200 bucks you get 3 move sets (move + navcon), the camera and a game. That's 8 piece of hardware in your shelves.

We could say virtually Natal has a lot of value because it's worthy many controllers, let's say 4 people multiplayer and some downloadable game bundled, still, for the average Joe, I believe it will be pretty hard to justify buying one accessory for the price of a console, regardless of it's functions, even if the same 200 means one guy less on PS3.

Consumer perception can be definitive on pricing estrategy. You didn't see EyeToy costing the same as a PS2 last gen, regardless of it being an advanced piece of tech at the time. That said, we are talking MS, so 150US$ wouldn't totally surprise me.

HolyOrangeCows2841d ago

We were already promised a $100 or less bundle of the controller, camera, and a game. We already know for certain that the gamestop post was a screw up.

The natal, however, never received even a ballpark from Microsoft.
And Microsoft is known for over-pricing its proprietary hardware and accessories.

Blaze9292841d ago

don't be stupid. the whole purpose of Natal is to make the 360's lifespan longer and penetrate into Nintendo's casual market. Microsoft and anyone with a damn brain knows that won't happen with anything over $80 USD tops. This thing will NOT cost $200

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Inside_out2841d ago

$200 plus a 360 would be a bad move...Could be 360 arcade plus Natal for $300...who knows...I'm not paying $200...No mention of price cuts for the 360 either...Hmmmm....E3 in June...

markbob2841d ago

Now if that is the price $200 for Natal and an Xbox 360 Arcade sku, then thats not bad. Though I would think MS would drop the Arcade sku to $150 at E3.

If what MS charges for natal only then they are insane and Natal will fail.

guess will have to wait till E3 to find out the real answer. Or at least a week before when all the best buy/target ads get leaked

Kratos Spartan2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Right now, we know nothing of Natal. Nothing. Just the red ball game, to get the name out.

...I don't even know what else to say. All I know is, Microsoft better have an Ace in the sleeve for this one come E3.

This E3 2010 may be the most important event in all of Video Game History. All 3 are banking on new technology for their future. And the future of Entertainment. 2010 will be a year to remember.

moho-foe2841d ago

MS overcharges for everything they sell for the Xbox this is no different...

Darkstorn2841d ago

Tue, but MS simply cannot get product penetration at this price. It's highly implausible that this will sell 'millions' of copies as Microsoft claims, unless this is actually a list price for a Natal/360 combo.

Jazz41082841d ago

Did you forget sony tried to get 600 for the ps3 lol

Kratos Spartan2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Yep. Know what? They got it. No other system could survive that price point. That is the power of...


100 million strong. Times 2. Soon to be...Trey

oohWii2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

They didn't survive. I has since cut the price in half. Had they tried to survive it any longer the PS3 would be still under 20M sold.

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- Ghost of Sparta -2841d ago

If this is true, PS Move already has Natal beat.

Kratos Spartan2841d ago

for you to be right behind me. Careful. I am the real deal.


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jjohan352841d ago

$200 to catch a big red ball? I'd rather walk outside and play with the kids at the park jeez.

paradigmfellow2841d ago

Not even to catch a real ball. It is $200 to just swinging your arms in the air.

Richard Alpert2841d ago

That will send you straight to jail you sick fuck

TOO PAWNED2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Actually it is 150$. Games in usa 60 $, games in Sweden 600skr, which is more then 60$ around 90$, so if games translate like that then 1500skr is 150usd in USA.

paradigmfellow2841d ago

It is still $150 to swing your arms in the air while you can do it right now for free.

TOO PAWNED2841d ago

Yes 3 stores list it at that price
but also same 3 stores list MOVE at 900sek
Just MOVE with nothing else...

Fanb0y2841d ago

Well, HolyOrangeCows

Natal is Microsoft's big thing.

I haven't seen Microsoft hyping up their hard drives, or their wireless attachments.

Microsoft really wants these peripherals to get into homes. An accessible price is $60... there's no way it'll be sold for $200.

Imperator2841d ago

The fact is, MS is known for overpricing their accessories. Natal is an accessory so it is only logical to assume that they will overprice it and try to rip-off the consumer.

Patrick2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

It had to cost them money to buy the company that made natal. It also had to cost them to design and recreate it into what they needed it for, and it has to be and will be costing them to manufacture and advertise it, so do you really expect them to not sell it for quite a bit more than what it cost to build it so they can recoup their money?
You really expect them to work on it for a couple years and then sell it for $60 and take a loss on it? Thats not MS's way, not the MS I know. Yall act like they will give it away for free just to get it into homes.. but I doubt it. They are creating it to make money off of it. Plus the PSeye is $40 and theres not near as much to it as there is to Natal.. at least that is what the Xbox fans say... so it should probably cost quite abit more. I mean, I dont know, thats just how I see it.

cayal2841d ago

Can't see Microsoft selling it for $200

600 Swedish Kr is around $77 US

jcgamer2841d ago

MEANING the standalone will be priced too high and the bundle will be priced just right...we all know Natal's initial sales are gonna come from curious 360 owners...Microsoft may be trying to entice existing Xbox owners with the "New Logo" Slim Natal bundle...reliable hardware and Natal for $249.99-$279.99...also, new consumers don't have a 360 at all, so the bundle is THE option...standalone will be priced $30-40 bucks too high in order to sway people towards the "New Logo" Slim Natal Bundle...

i'm just speculating...

MNicholas2841d ago

it comes with a 360.

360 is due for a price-drop anyway.

$149 for standard Arcade or $199 for Arcade with Natal would make sense. After all, now that it's internal chip has been removed, Natal is little more than a webcam and a console firmware update.

mugoldeneagle032841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

I don't own a 360, and I'm more of a 'Move' guy, but this seems way overpriced. I know MS has a history of overpricing accessories but I think they know it's got to be cheaper than $200 to compete with the Wii/Move.

Obviously we'll hear the details at E3 in a few weeks. I'll wait till then to hold judgement. If true though, Natal will go the way of HD-DVD in no time.

Game13a13y2841d ago

wow, for $99 more you can get a PS3, which does everything btw.

sikbeta2841d ago

It CAN'T cost that much, $200 is a lot for an accessory and people will prefer to stick with the controller...

DJexs2841d ago

I would have to disagree seems fair

inveni02841d ago

I agree that the price is too high, but I don't think it'll cost $200 in the US. Maybe in Sweeden, but not in the US.

vhero2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Fair enough with MOVE you are gonna need multiple controllers to play multiplayer but you can buy them OVER TIME this is one bulk payment of $200 which is more than the arcade console.. If this is true and the rumour they are bundling with systems is true then be prepared for 360 prices to soar! You would be talking maybe $350 for 360 arcades most likely! Which I cannot see as they would get destroyed.. Patcher did say it looks like they are not bundling with the console now and this price point could be the reason..

EDIT: Just realised one of the companys is GAME

They are the biggest game retailer in the UK and are usually not far off when it comes to price.. This adds more salt to the price. Dunno how big they are in Sweden though..

MNicholas2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

The original Natal was a webcam with a fancy processor inside.

It was later revealed that the internal processor has been removed and that all the Natal processing algorithms will run on the 360's CPU (Xenon). This means that the Natal hardware is purely a USB audio/video capture device.

In other words, since the the Natal hardware itself did not do any processing, it just captures audio and video, it's now little more than a USB webcam.


I'm sure there'll be a few who, as to my earlier post, disagree. It would be useful if they would reveal their rationale for disagreeing with a logical conclusion based on publically available information. Do they have some secret information or are they just idiot fanboys?

One additional change I'd recommend for N4G is a publicly viewable list revealing users who disagreed or agreed as well as a clickable link to past agree/disagree activity. This would improve peer accountability and even reveal patterns of stupidity.

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Servbot2841d ago

I would never buy that thing for $200.

Imperator2841d ago

Especially not from a company like MS.

vhero2841d ago

I honestly think if its gonna be this price point they are gonna try force it on new users rather than existing users by bundling it with every console however the price of consoles would soar so high they wouldn't sell many.. It would actually kill 360 if they bundled it.

mistajeff2841d ago

WOOF. if they actually charge that much it's a death wish.

Parapraxis2841d ago

It's listed @ 3 different sites for that price.

BannedForNineYears2841d ago

Wow............Just..........W ow.
That's freaking ridiculous.