7 Points Against a Final Fantasy VII Remake

The primary reason gamers cry out for a remake of Final Fantasy VII is simple fanservice. Not only is that not a valid enough reason, it could do more harm than good. Here are seven points against remaking Final Fantasy VII.

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Cevapi882714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

points 2 & 3 basically contradict one another....idk how the author didnt see that....he says they need to modernize it, then gamers wouldnt like that, they just want the original game....a little confusing if you ask me

K-Tuck2714d ago

Point #2 asks if Square could make it "modern" without changing the game. To which the answer is No.

Point #3 states that Square Enix would likely have to update the gameplay. And updating the gameplay would upset the fans.

Reibooi2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I hate these lists they are always so retarded. Sure there is always a chance a remake will not live up to the original. However this is also the chance the game will vastly surpass the original.

Final Fantasy VII has alot going for it. The games world has been expanded alot since the original game and hence the remake can go deeper into certain things they didn't get a chance to the first time around.(For example maybe work some of the stuff from Crisis Core into the game so people don't have to play both they can get a idea about who Sephiroth was before he went insane or who Zack was and why he was so important).

The combat system thing is a not issue. Simply make random battles go away and make the combat function more or less the same as the original at a somewhat faster speed and your golden. Worse comes to worse they could use the FFXIII battle system as it was quite good and they could make it better. The materia system needs no changing and is a iconic part of the original so they likely wouldn't touch it.

The funniest thing is this guy says he would oppose any remake of older FF's. Well guess he missed the boat all that one cause I'm pretty sure every single game up until 6 was remade at one point or another for either the GBA or DS. The other key thing is he points to FFVI as a game more deserving of a remake. While that may indeed be true there is no denying that a successful FFVII Remake would open the doors to other HD FF remakes if it did well enough.

There are alot of good reasons to remake FFVII more then there are bad reasons in my opinion. These lists always have the same things on them. If people insist on making them at least try to come up with more creative reasons we have not heard so far.

iamtehpwn2714d ago

Some things would have to be changed. As long as the core story and gameplay elements are untouched, no one cares.

I don't mind GOOD changes to FFVII, which in example would be: new explorable dungeons, additional materia, new optional boss battles, finding "Research files" that mention Project G.

Bad Changes: Aerith rival, or anything subtracting from the original experience.

K-Tuck2714d ago

Ports aren't remakes. Most of those games were just minor graphic/audio updates -- much like the recently-released God of War Collection -- that allowed the game to be sold on a new system.

Reibooi2713d ago


There is no way they would do a Aerith revival or something like that. If they had wanted to they would have done so in Advent Children and they pretty much closed the entire Aerith plot point for the series with the ending of that movie.


Fair enough. But I would count Final Fantasy III as a remake. Sure it's not a HD game or anything but it looks way better then the original 3 did and little things were added and changed so that's a remake. They did the same thing with Final Fantasy IV. Those are remakes not simple ports so my point against the article still stands.

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Kratos Spartan2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Square didn't know what they were getting into when they showed that FFVII trailer remake, just for a presentation. They had no intention for a next gen upgrade for that game.

The only question on their minds now is, since they've saw the cries for it, are there enough gamers out there willing to purchase an HD remake, only to make sure they would make enough profit to compensate for the resources they would spend on actually going forward with this project. And do they have the time for it.

I do remember them saying that, if they had the time and money, and could find a few people to do it, they would. But until then, don't get your hopes up.

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cayal2714d ago

Last point is pure opinion.

sikbeta2714d ago

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kaveti66162714d ago

Greed greases the wheels of industry. Don't hate the very catalyst that brought about the rise of corporations and by extension the products that your enjoy.

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Hotel_Moscow2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

you only need one point for ff7 remake cash flow

like come on ff7 has been the top ps1 classic since june of last year and it just recently lost the spot of top download overall

either way stupid list is stupid all his reasons for not having a ff7 remake have to do with it not being the original ff7

DJexs2714d ago

To be honest FFVII was not my favorite great game do not get me wrong and I would totally buy a Hi Def remake. BUT CC FTW

DJexs2714d ago

To be honest though I would pay alot more for a Legend of The Dragoon Remake.

wicko2714d ago

While I wouldn't say I'd pay a lot more, I'd definitely buy a LotD remake.

DJexs2714d ago

On my previous post I forgot to mention the fact that after playing Crisis Core. I do not like cloud as much I also do not like him. Almost, just some of the things he has done or thought he has done isn't all that great anymore. He also totally trashed angeals sowrd. Which means he totally trashed zack fair's dreams. I really think they kinda ruined some of the plot elements of the final fantasy 7 universe with Crisis core.

Colonel-Killzone2714d ago

Well it depends how this will work out because things that work back then won't always work as good now. Games evolved since ff7 idc what anyone says but some changes will have to made or not changes I will say adjustments need to be made. Kinda urks me when people say update the graphics but maintain everything else no offense but ff7 can use adjustments I honestly would love if the have the battlesystem from ff13 into ff7 but also keep the limit breaks im sure they will figure a way to handle this.

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