Square Enix Uses Kaine's Underboob and Tushie to Move Latest DLC

Beth Kasperski writes: "Give Square Enix some credit for knowing how to move their downloadable content. While Activision announces a small map pack for 1200 ms points, Square Enix decided to take a more direct approach with Nier and in the latest DLC pretty much is selling underboob and close up shots of the behind.

The DLC which offers, in addition to other things, some new looks for the Kaine character. It's proven so popular in Japan that it seems that gamers over seas are spending more time trying different camera angles than actually delving into the gameplay."

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vgchica2960d ago

Can't even blame them. As long as boys buy it, they'll sell it.

jphelps802960d ago

Boys? Gamers aren't all little children. Geeze.

FantasyStar2960d ago

I don't think even "that" can save this game.

vgn242960d ago

I was just about to change my mind about picking this one up. Despite the tons of bad reviews, I think this DLC just sold me.

*Please lookup "sarcasm" if you're confused*

Steve_02960d ago

I don't even have Final Fantasy 13 and yet I'm checking the price right now...

look above if you're confused

Zerodin2960d ago

Weeaboos love their dickpenis girls.

wicko2960d ago

Nier is clearly trying to sneak a peek. I don't blame him, underboob is awesome.

Not going to convince me to buy the game though.

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