Games That Make Us Wish We Were Kids Again

Years have passed by, we've come across multiple generations of video game consoles. Many new innovative games have been introduced that have taken us far from our childhood memories of Super Mario and others.

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cain1412985d ago

I remember playing peter pan by EA Kids.

GUCommander2985d ago

Gizmo’s and Gadgets...oh the memories :)

kaveti66162985d ago

Omg that's what that game was called? I've been looking for it for years. thanks.

Ziriux2985d ago

Two words my friends "Bugs Bunny"

mrv3212985d ago

Battleship 98, I just want to play it more.

Carnage12902985d ago

Wii games try to make us feel that way, but fail.

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The story is too old to be commented.